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Swords: an Artist's Devotion
by Ben Boos
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1.Which kind of sword was your favorite, and why?
2.Did you know there were so many different types of swords? Why do you think there are so many?
3.How are western (European) swords different from eastern (Asian) swords?
4.What kinds of materials have been used to make swords?
5.Who was Beowulf?
6.Did you like the artwork in this book? Why or why not?
7.Did you like reading a book that was mostly art (and not a graphic novel)? Why or why not?
8.What is a berserker?
9.Name some famous sword-wielders.
10.What are the parts of a sword? (tang/hilt/grip/pommel, etc.)
11.How were swords important to medieval kings?
12.Can you name any famous swords? Why were important swords often given names?
13.Who crafted swords? What other things did blacksmiths make?
14.What is the blood groove for?
15.What is a samurai? How are samurai and ninja different?
16.What kinds of swords did a samurai carry?
17.What types of weapons did ninja use? Why are there no written records of the ninja?
18.What can you tell about a culture from its swords?
19.What other materials could be used to make a sword, besides metal?
20.Why is Damascus steel so special?
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