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Chance Fortune and the Outlaws
by Shane Berryhill
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1.If you were a superhero, what would your name and your special power(s) be? Why?
2.How is Josh’s USA different from the one you know? When do you think the story is set, and why?
3.Why is Josh having such a hard time getting into Burlington? What did he decide to do after Burlington refused to accept him?
4.What are some of the things in Josh’s house that are different from what is in your house? What kind of new technology do you think we’ll have in the future?
5.Who is Chance Fortune?
6.How did the members of the Board make their entrance to the welcoming ceremonies? What are their names and powers?
7.What happened to Xenoman?
8.Which of the classes Chance takes at Burlington sound most interesting to you? Can you think of any other classes that you think superheroes-in-training should have to take?
9.Why do you think Psy-chick can’t read Chance’s mind?
10.How did Chance and his team finally defeat the robots? What was the key ingredient their tactics were missing?
11.Why can Chance see the supervillains in The Dark Thing’s lab? Where are they really?
12.Why do you think Chance challenged the assumption that David could not have defeated Goliath without superpowers?
13.What is the name of Chance’s battle team? How did they choose their name?
14.How did the Outlaws finally figure out how to beat Team Manga?
15.What do superheroes dress up as for Halloween?
16.What happened to MOTHER?
17.What happened to Chance’s father? How did his death/disappearance shape who Chance became?
18.What special defenses did the Outlaws take into the battle with them?
19.Why did all the students/faculty at Burlington attack Chance and Psy-chick? Why do you think Legion wants Psy-chick?
20.Who rescued Chance and Psy-chick from Legion? What is a boogeyman?
21.How did Legion infiltrate the school?
22.How did the Boogeyman figure out who Chance Fortune really was? Why do you think he didn’t break Chance’s cover?
23.What happened in the volcano fortress? What is the Archnemesis rule?
24.Who won the one-on-one battle? How?
25.Where do you think the Shadow Zone is?
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