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Artemis Fowl
by Eoin Colfer
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1.What was your first impression of Artemis Fowl? Did it change as you read the novel? In what way?
2.Describe Artemis. What kind of person is he?
3.How is the fairy world different from the human world?
4.Why did Artemis want to find a fairy?
5.What happened to Artemis’ father? How did his mother take it?
6.Who are Butler and Juliet?
7.Describe Holly Short. Why doesn’t Root like her? Who is Foaly?
8.What is the organization that Holly works for?
9.What is your favorite technological invention from the fairy world?
10.How did Holly and Artemis meet? What were Artemis’ plans for her?
11.How did Artemis design a camera that could see fairies? What did he use it for?
12.How can fairies avoid having to take orders from humans?
13.Artemis used Holly as a bargaining chip to get what from Commander Root?
14.Who is Mulch?
15.Why did Artemis steal the Fairy Book?
16.How would you defeat a troll?
17.How did Butler, Juliet and Artemis escape the time field?
18.What happened to Artemis’ mother after all the excitement?
19.Artemis exchanged half the ransom for a wish. What did he wish for?
20.Did you figure out the fairy code? How did you break it? Did you like having it included?
21.Was this book a fast read? What makes a book go fast for you as a reader?
22.Does Artemis Fowl seem like a twelve year old to you?
23.Though this book is set in a fantasy world, did the world make sense to you?
24.Do you have any criticisms of the book?
25.What do you predict will happen in the next Artemis Fowl book?
26.Do you think this book would make a good movie? What elements would have to be included? What could be left out? Who do you think should play the lead parts?
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