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100-Year-Old Secret, The (Sherlock Files #1)
by Tracy Barrett
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1.What is the Game? How do you play?
2.What is th SPFD and why are they interested in Xander and Xena?
3.What happened when Xena and Xander asked for a saucer of milk for their snake?
4.Xander and Xena each have special skills and abilities. What are they, and how do they help them solve the mystery?
5.What was different about the box marked “Bakers—Irregular”? How did Xander open the trapdoor?
6.How did Xander and Xena find out that Sherlock Holmes was their great-great-great grandfather? How would you feel about having a famous ancestor?
7.What was in the book that Mr. Brown gave to Xena and Xander?
8.Why does Andrew Watson dislike Xena and Xander?
9.Who is Nigel Batheson? What happened to the Girl in a Purple Hat?
10.What was odd about Batheson’s painting Abner at the Fair?
11.Why do you think Aunt Mary sent Andrew along on the trip to Taynesbury?
12.Who is the girl in the purple hat?
13.What is a Knucker, and how is it important to the story?
14.What did Xander and Xena find in the room behind the gallery and why did it surprise them?
15.Who are Annie and Sarah?
16.Why is Annie making copies of the Girl in a Purple Hat? How does she make sure that they couldn't be mistaken for the real thing, and why is that so important?
17.What did Xander and Xena learn from Mrs. Batheson's letters?
18.What is deduction?
19.After the daisy incident, what did Xander realize about the model in the painting?
20.How did Xander and Xena figure out where Robert Batheson went to boarding school? Why was this information important to the case?
21.What gadgets did Xena bring along on the trip to the Worthington school? How were they useful?
22.How did Xander and Xena find the painting? Where was it hidden?
23.What do you know about Sherlock Holmes?
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