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The Strange Case of Origami Yoda
by Tom Angleberger
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1.Is Origami Yoda real, or is he just a big hoax?
2.Why did Tommy and his friends create a case file about Origami Yoda? Why is it so important to Tommy to figure out if Origami Yoda is real?
3.Who is Dwight, and why is he important to this story?
4.What was the first advice that Origami Yoda gave Tommy? How did it save him from major embarrassment?
5.Why is Kellen convinced that Origami Yoda is real?
6.Do you think Dwight is really as much as an oddball as he seems to be? Or is he just messing with everyone’s heads?
7.Why did Origami Yoda tell everyone to learn the Twist? What is the Twist?
8.Why did Tommy vote for Lance to sit at their lunch table rather than Dwight? Why did he feel so bad about it later?
9.What are the Top 10 weird things about Dwight? Why do you think he does things like this?
10.What happened to Shakespeare’s head? How did Dwight know?
11.What does “mulct” mean?
12.How did Quavondo become a hero?
13.Why did Dwight get into a fight with Zack? What did Origami Yoda mean when he told Zack “If you strike me down, I shall grow stronger than you can possibly imagine.”?
14.How do you think Origami Yoda knew about the pop quiz in science—BEOFRE Mr. Stevens even decided to give a pop quiz?
15.Why do you think Origami Yoda gave unsatisfactory answers to some of the questions kids asked him, and really good answers to others?
16.When Tommy asked Origami Yoda if Sara liked him, why do you think Origami Yoda gave him such a cryptic answer? And why did he keep replying “purple”?
17.Why did Dwight throw Origami Yoda away?
18.How is Harvey’s Origami Yoda different from Dwight’s?
19.Which Origami Yoda is better? How did the kids decide to prove it? Who won?
20.Would you rather be on Dwight’s side, or Harvey’s? Why?
21.Do Kellen’s doodles add to the book? What are some other books you’ve read that have illustrations? Which is your favorite?
22.The story is told from a lot of different perspectives. Sara, for instance, notes Dwight’s smirk when he does certain things. Whose perspective about Yoda/Dwight is most accurate?
23.Is there anything you would change about the book?
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