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Page By Paige
by Laura Lee Gulledge
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1.Have you ever read a graphic novel before? Did you like this format for telling the story? Would this have been the same story if it had been told in novel format?
2.Some scenes in the book do not have any words at all. Do you think that stories told without words can still be considered literature? Why or why not?
3.What technique(s) does the author use to distinguish "real" Paige from "inside Paige's head"?
4.Review Paige's grandmother's rules. How can these be applied to everyday life--not just for artists? Do any of them stand out for you as especially important in your own life?
5.Why does Paige not want to share her sketchbook, or her feelings. with her mother? How do you know what is or isn't ok to share?
6.Paige's mom seems to hide her true feelings, acting as though everything is ok. Do you think Paige does this too? How?
7.Paige worries about fitting in. What are some of the ways this is shown? (everyone wearing Uggs; wishing she had business cards to describe herself; signs at school: "Be an extrovert")
8.In some places in her story,Paige's imaginary words express her doubts and fears until they literally cloud her head. Are these real issues or has she built them up in her head? Why does Paige doubt herself?
9.Why is Paige afraid to reveal too much of herself? (She makes a list: saying the wrong thing, messing up, afraid she's not interesting, etc.) Have you ever made a similar list? Did it help you confront those issues or just make things worse?
10.What advice do Paige and Jules give each other?
11.How do Paige and her mom sort through their differences? Do you think their relationship will be stornger?
12.Paige's friends all reflect back different qualities of herself. How does each friend help her? What traits/qualities/skills do your friends bring out in you? Are they positive qualities?
13.What do you think Paige was really searching for in the end?
14.Are there any lessons you can take away from Paige's story to apply to your own life?
15.Have you ever had to move and adjust to a new place and make new friends? What was it like?
16.Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert? Which do you think society values more? Why?
17.What are some tips for changing something about yourself?
18.Paige dreams of being an artist. Do you have a special talent you hope to share with the world?
19.What do you think will happen to Paige after this story ends?
20.Do you ever live inside your head like Paige?
21.When are you most yourself? Why?
22.What did it take for Paige to make friends at her new school? What makes you and your friends click?
23.Have you ever felt like any of the pictures in Paige's sketchbook? Which one(s) speak to you?
24.Which character is your favorite? Why?
25.What scares you?
26.Who are the Agents of Whimsy?
27.How are you impossible?
28.Write a recipe for you.
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