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Mysteries Unwrapped: Lost Civilizations
by Sharon Linnea
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1.Who made the first major discoveries concerning Ur? What did he find there?
2.What is a ziggurat? What is cuneiform?
3.What did archaeologists discover in the trenches at Ur?
4.Would you like to live in Ur? Why or why not?
5.What happened to Ur?
6.How do we know so much about the Maya? What do Mayan hieroglyphs look like?
7.Why are the Maya considered to have been a sophisticated civilization? Name some of their achievements. What happened to them?
8.Would you want to live in the Mayan Empire? Why or why not?
9.What mathematical concept did the Mayans understand? Why was this a huge accomplishment? What inventions and concepts didn’t they understand?
10.What are the three parts of the Mayan world?
11.What is the myth of Atlantis? Describe the city.
12.Where did the stories of Atlantis come from? Where might it be?
13.What happened to Pompeii and Herculaneum?
14.Describe the city of Pompeii. Would you want to live there? Why or why not?
15.How do we know so much about what happened to Pompeii?
16.How have modern scientists learned more about what happened during the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius?
17.How were Pompeii and Herculaneum rediscovered?
18.Who was Anna Leonowens?
19.How have archaeologists been able to learn about Angkor Wat? Of which empire was it the capitol? Why was the Khmer Empire so prosperous?
20.What sophisticated inventions were discovered in Angkor Wat?
21.What do you think happened to Angkor Wat? What is the temple used for today?
22.What is the secret code of Angkor Wat?
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