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by Gordon Korman
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1.What is Garland Farm? What is a commune? What do you know about the 1960s? What are hippies?
2.What happened to Rain, and how did her accident change Cap’s life?
3.Where are Cap’s parents? What is the Peace Corps?
4.Who is Mrs. Donnelly? Why did she decide that he would stay with her instead of with the family Social Services assigned to take him in?
5.How did Cap end up in the principal’s office on his first day of school?
6.Is information the same as experience? Why or why not?
7.Think about all the people in your grade at school last year. How many of their names do you know?
8.How did Cap find out he’d been nominated to run for class president? What does Cap think about government?
9.Would you rather be homeschooled at Garland Farm or attend Claverage Middle School, and why?
10.What can you use duct tape for?
11.How did Cap try to make friends with Sophie? How did the driving lesson go?
12.How did Cap save the bus driver’s life, and why did he get in trouble for ir?
13.Why was Hugh Winkleman so excited to be anonymous?
14.What is Trigonometry & Tears, and why is Cap so fascinated by it?
15.How did Cap organize the Halloween dance?
16.How did Cap feel when he went into the bank with Mr. Kasigi? Why was giving a checkbook to Cap, without any instructions, a terrible idea?
17.Who really sent Sophie the bracelet? Why did he do it?
18.What did Cap use the checkbook for, after Mr. Kasigi told him to use it “responsibly”? What was he supposed to use it for?
19.What did Darryl mean when he said that “Cap Anderson had quality”? What is “quality”?
20.Why did Garland Farm look different to Cap after his time in the “real world”?
21.How did Naomi and her friends find out what happened to Cap and why the Halloween dance was cancelled?
22.How did Zach Powers become “public enemy number one” at Claverage Middle School? What was his plan to regain his former “popular” status?
23.Once Cap was back at Garland, what did he miss from his time in Claverage? Why? And why did it upset Rain so much that he missed it?
24.Describe Cap’s “memorial service”. What did the kids at C Average Middle School learn from him?
25.What happened to Garland Farm? Why did Rain decide to sell it?
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