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Science Fair: a Story of Mystery, Danger, International Suspense, and a Very Nervous Frog
by Dave Barry
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1.How do you levitate a frog?
2.Who are the ME kids and why don't they get along with Toby and his friends?
3.What is a harbinger?
4.How did the ME kids get the plans for their science fair projects
5.Who are Darth and the Wookiee and why are they after Toby?
6.What is the Science Nook? Who is Sternabite?
7.Who is Grdankl the Strong? What do you know about Krpshtskan?
8.What happened when Toby told the Hornet that the ME kids were cheating on the science fair?
9.How was Toby framed for cheating on the science fair?
10.What does D. Arthur Vaderian want from Toby? Why?
11.How did Vrsk and Drmtsi get to Washington, D.C.?
12.How did Toby sneak out of the house to meet up with Micah and Tamara at the Science Nook?
13.Who was following Drmtsi and Vrsk?
14.Why did Sternabite lend Micah the reactor? Why does he help the ME kids with their projects, even though he knows he’s helping them cheat?
15.What is different about the plans for this year’s science projects and why does the difference bother Sternabite?
16.How did Sternabite get into Toby’s house?
17.When the ME kids started turning up with really sophisticated science project plans five years ago, why did Sternabite continue to do the projects for them? What made him suspicious this year?
18.What is Sternabite’s plan to catch the person behind the science fair plot? Does it work? Why or why not?
19.What happened at Jungle Norman’s Pizza Party Palace?
20.Who is Prmkt? What are the ME kids’ projects, really, and what do the devices he designed do when they are linked together?
21.How did Toby, his friends, and the Krpshtskanis escape from the secure holding facility?
22.What happened when Lance Swingle flipped the switch?
23.How did Toby’s parents catch D. Arthur Vaderian and the Wookiee when they tried to steal their Star Wars collection?
24.What do you do when the power goes out? How are we dependent on electricity? Could you live without it? Why or why not?
25.How did Toby and his friends finally get to the science fair?
26.What happened during the president’s speech?
27.Why does Krpshtskan want to take revenge on the United States?
28.What is an EMP? Why would it have been really bad if Prmkt used it?
29.How did Brad Pitt Wemplemeyer, Micah and Tamara’s science fair projects come in handy?
30.Who (or what) is Charlotte? How did she get her name?
31.How did Fester save the day?
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