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Binky the Space Cat
by Ashley Spires
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1.1. Who is our hero in this story? Binky
2.2.What is Binky? A cat
3.3. What is the name of his mouse? Ted
4.4. What does it mean to be a hero?
5.5. What did Binky become? Space cat certified
6.6.Where is outer space? The outdoors
7.7.What is Binky’s job? To protect his humans from aliens (bugs).
8.8.How could he tell they were aliens? They could fly.
9.9. If his secret identity was compromised, what would the aliens make him and his humans do? Eat vegetables, stay in the same room with the vacuum, or leave litter box unscooped.
10.10. The really crunch aliens give him? Space gas.
11.11. What are space suits? Winter clothes.
12.12. Where is his top secret lab? The litter box.
13.13. Where does he find the plans for his rocket ship? Cat food bag
14.14. How does he get the parts? Steals them
15.15. To prepare for his space travel he prepares … what was his flight simulator? Ceiling fan G-force replicator? Blow drier Zero gravity chamber? Clothes dryer
16.16. Did he make it into space? Forgot humans, didn’t go
17.17. What lessons did he learn? Humans are helpless without him, and to build a bigger rocket.
18.18. Does Binky believe he needs to protect his humans or is he pretending?
19.19. Is Binky smart?
20.20. If someone told Binky he was dumb for his beliefs, should he stop believing them?
21.21. What was your favorite part of the book?
22.22. What was your least favorite part?
23.23. Who noticed Ted in the story? Let’s find him
24.24. Did the pictures add or distract from the story?
25.25. What about the sound effects?
26.26. Who has read a GN?
27.27. Which ones?
28.28. What do you like/dislike about the format?
29.29. Are GNs good for poor readers or good readers or kids/adults?
30.30. Is it harder to read pictures and words, or just words
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