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Best Friends
by Jacqueline Wilson
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1.How did Alice and Gemma meet?
2.What are biscuits? Who is Biscuit? How did he get his nickname?
3.Alice and Gemma are very different, but they’re still best friends. Why do you think this works?
4.This book is written by a British author. Did you notice anything different about the language?
5.What happened to Gemma’s “sapphire”?
6.What is Alice’s secret, and how did Gemma find out about it?
7.What is the wish that Alice and Gemma ALWAYS wish?
8.Why did Gemma give Alice her grandmother’s doll, Melissa? Why was her mom mad about it?
9.Why does Alice have to move to Scotland? Why is Gemma just a little bit jealous?
10.Why ARE moms and dads allowed to boss you about and tell you what to do and where you have to live?
11.Why did Gemma’s mom make her wear the yellow dress to the going-away party?
12.Why did Alice and Gemma decide to run away? How did they disguise themselves?
13.If you were running away and had to change your name, what would you call yourself?
14.What were the major flaws in Alice and Gemma’s plan to run away?
15.What did Alice write in the note she hid in Gemma’s yellow dress?
16.How did Gemma’s brothers help her to say goodbye to Alice?
17.Did you like the pictures at the beginning of every chapter? What did they tell you about the story to come?
18.How did Biscuits try to cheer Gemma up, and why was she so mad at him?
19.How did Gemma feel about Alice moving away? Have you ever lost a friend? How did you feel?
20.How did Granddad cheer Gemma up? Who cheers you up when you’re sad?
21.What are cream cakes?
22.Why did Gemma get sick after everyone tried to cheer her up?
23.What “fictional” book did Gemma review in her notebook? What was it about?
24.How did Alice and GEmma keep in touch after Alice moved to Scotland? How did Gemma have to pay back her brother for using his computer?
25.Why do you think Gemma had such a hard time adjusting to Alice being gone?
26.Why did Gemma want to be Fat Larry for the school project she and Biscuits had to work on together?
27.Why was Gemma so worried about celebrating her birthday without Alice?
28.What happened when Gemma tried to learn to cook?
29.Why did Gemma’s dad think Granddad’s idea to take her to Scotland to visit Alice was a good one, even though her mom disagreed?
30.Why did Gemma finally make up with Biscuits?
31.Describe Gemma’s Scottish breakfast. What do you eat for breakfast?
32.Why was Auntie Karen less than thrilled to see Gemma show up on her doorstep in Scotland?
33.Why didn’t Alice and Gemma’s reunion go exactly as Gemma had planned?
34.Would you want to be friends with Flora, Gemma, or Alice? Why?
35.What happened at the tea party that finally pushed Gemma over the edge with Flora?
36.Who is Mrs. Cholmondly?
37.What did Biscuits’ mom make for Gemma?
38.Describe Gemma and Biscuits’ Fat Larry routine.
39.Why did the idea of a birthday party make Gemma so sad?
40.What gifts did Gemma receive for her birthday?
41.Describe the cake Biscuits made for Gemma. What was special about it? What did Gemma wish? Did her wish come true?
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