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Zita the Spacegirl, Book 1: Far from Home
by Ben Hatke
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1.Would you have pushed the big red space button? Why or why not? What happened when Zita did?
2.How do you fix a leak?
3.Describe your favorite alien that Zita met on her travels.
4.What is the Tatters?
5.What is Piper’s Patented Muscle Machine? What does it do?
6.Who is Piper? Why does he take Zita onboard his ship?
7.How does Mouse communicate? If you could put this device on your pet, what do you think it would say?
8.What is a Screed, and why did it take Joseph?
9.Describe H.A.M.B.O. One. Why did Zita free him, even though he’d “failed to work well with others”?
10.Who are the Scriptorians? How did they destroy the city and why do they need Joseph?
11.How did Zita help Robot Randy?
12.What did Piper bring Zita that allowed her to defeat the spiders and save Mouse? If you could have a secret weapon, what would it be?
13.How did Zita become a prisoner of the Scriptorians? Who sold her out, and why?
14.Who is Strong-Strong? How did he help Zita and her friends infiltrate the Scriptorian castle?
15.Why is everyone trying to escape the planet? How do the Scriptorians expect to save themselves?
16.What are One’s “defects”?
17.How did Zita—with Piper’s help—defeat the Screed?
18.Is Piper a bad guy or a good guy? Why?
19.What was Randy the Robot’s secret, and why didn’t he tell Zita when they met?
20.How did Zita save the planet? Why did the Scriptorians think their prophecy came true?
21.Why do you think Zita let Joseph go home when the portal would only take one? How do you think she’ll get home?
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