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Pandora Gets Jealous
by Carolyn Hennesy
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1.Who is Pandora? What is her story?
2.What was in the box? Why did Athena add Hope?
3.Are you more like Pandora, Alcie or Iole? Why?
4.Are there any examples of the “Enduring Presence of the Gods in Our Daily Life” in the modern world? What are they?
5.What is unusual about Pandora’s little brother, Xander?
6.Who is Sabina? What is the role of the Fates?
7.What is Pandora’s special, secret talent?
8.What did Pandora take to school for her big project? What went horribly wrong?
9.Describe Pandora’s diary. Would you like a diary that talked back? Why or why not?
10.Why was Pandora’s father so mad at her for opening the box?
11.Why did the entire family of Prometheus have to go to Mount Olympus? Who summoned them, and how did he transport them there? Where would you go if you had winged sandals?
12.Name the Greek gods.
13.What is Pandora’s punishment for opening the box?
14.How did the bad things in the box affect Alcie and Iole?
15.What important items did Pandora take with her on her quest? What would you take with you on an adventure?
16.How does Hera’s map work?
17.What did Hermes secretly give Prometheus, so he can keep in touch with Pandora? What do the shells remind you of?
18.Why do you think so many of the gods are helping Pandora? (147)
19.Why does Hera dislike Pandora so much? Is this a good reason? Why or why not?
20.Who went with Pandora on her quest? Why did they follow her?
21.Who were the old woman and the goat on the road to Delphi? How did Athena and Hephaestus help Pandora and her friends?
22.What would you carry in a bottomless pouch? What could you do with a magic rope?
23.Why do people go to the temple of Apollo in Delphi? How did Pandora and her friends get into the temple, despite the really long line?
24.Where did Pandora and her friends find Jealousy? How did they return it to the box?
25.How did Pandora unlock her special talent for fire?
26.Why is the high priestess of Apollo actually three women? How is this Pandora’s fault?
27.What does Jealousy feel like? Have you ever been jealous of someone or something? How did it make you feel?
28.How did Iole get rid of her bumps?
29.How did Pandora learn to use her mind to its fullest and to think of things beyond her own little piece of the world?
30.What do you think the number on the middle ring of Hera’s map means?
31.Where do Pandora and her friends have to go to find the next evil? Who helps them figure it out?
32.What does the screaming peacock mean? Do you think it’s bad or good that Hera’s keeping tabs on Pandora and her friends? Why?
33.Do you think Pandora and her friends should trust Hera? Why or why not?
34.Who do you think is slipping information to Hera about which of the gods is helping Pandora? Why do you think she’s doing this?
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