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Princess of the Midnight Ball
by Jessica Day George
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1.Why did Queen Maude make a bargain with the King Under Stone in the first place? What did her bargain mean for her daughters?
2.What is the story of the Twelve Dancing Princesses? Have you read any other books based on fairy tales?
3.What did the old woman give to Galen in return for the scarf and the food? How did it come in handy later?
4.Why are Galen’s relations, the Orms, well-known in Bruch?
5.Name all twelve princesses.
6.Why does Galen knit?
7.Describe the plan that King Gregor and his advisors devised to uncover the princesses’ secret. What happened to all the princes who attempted the challenge?
8.Who is the King Under Stone and what does he want with Queen Maude’s daughters?
9.Why did Galen tie the bouquets he sent to the princesses with cords knitted with black wool?
10.Why did the archbishop accuse the twelve princesses of witchcraft?
11.What did Walter Vogel give to Galen to help him figure out the mystery of the princesses’ slippers? Why did he help Galen?
12.What tricks did Galen have up his sleeve?
13.What is unusual about the kingdom of the King-Under-Stone? What did Galen bring back as proof of the princesses’ nightly excursions?
14.What is the Midnight Ball? What is its purpose?
15.Where did the silver forest come from? Why do the silver knitting needles that Galen made from the branches have power?
16.What does Galen need to imprison the King Under Stone?
17.How did the King Under Stone discover that Galen had followed the princesses to the Midnight Ball? How did he retaliate?
18.How did Bishop Angier discover Galen’s secrets?
19.Describe the castle of the King Under Stone.
20.Why are there always twelve?
21.How did Galen get to the King Under Stone’s kingdom without the princesses?
22.How did Galen and Rose finally defeat the King Under Stone?
23.How did Bishop Angier end up in charge of the investigation of King Gregor’s daughters?
24.What was Galen’s reward for rescuing the princesses? Why do you think King Gregor chose to offer him the same reward as he had offered the princes? How do you feel about the idea of offering a princess’s hand in marriage as a reward?
25.Whose arrival at Rose and Galen’s wedding caused such a stir? Why did Reiner Orm disown his son?
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