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Ramona Quimby, Age 8
by Beverly Cleary
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1.Ramona gets to ride the school bus all by herself. Do you take a bus to school? If you said yes, do you like taking the bus? Why or why not?
2.Why do you think it is so hard for 8-year-old Ramona to be nice to 4-year-old Willa Jean?
3.Why do you think Ramona's mother says that getting along at the Kemps' house is Ramona's "job" in the family?
4.Why do you think that Ramona likes Danny, the boy she calls Yard Ape, even though he takes her eraser and teases her sometimes?
5.Mrs. Whaley calls the Sustained Silent Reading time DEAR, for Drop Everything And Read. Do you have DEAR time at your school? If you said yes, do you like it? Why or why not?
6.Ramona uses Sustained Silent Reading after school to help her get along with Willa Jean. What did you think of Ramona doing this?
7.The kids in Ramona's class start a hard-boiled egg fad at school. Tell us about any fads you can think of that have been popular at your school.
8.How would you have felt if you smashed a raw egg against your own head, like Ramona did?
9.Why do you think anyone in Ramona's class started the hard-boiled egg fad?
10.Ramona gets raw egg on her face and also throws up in front of her class. Do you want to tell us about any embarrassing thing that ever happened to you at school, or to someone you know?
11.Ramona overhears Mrs. Whaley tell the school secretary that Ramona is a show-off. She also thinks Mrs. Whaley said she was a nuisance. Do you think Ramona really is a show-off and a nuisance? Why or why not?
12.Ramona overhears her teacher talking to the school secretary about her. What other things do you think teachers talk about to each other when they don't think kids are listening?
13.Ramona likes the capital letter Q in her last name, because it is the only letter of the alphabet with a tail. What do you like about your first name or last name?
14.Why do you think Ramona's father has to draw a foot as homework for becoming a teacher?
15.When Ramona and Beezus complain about what they are eating for dinner, Mr. Quimby decides that the two girls should make dinner. Do you think this is a good punishment? Why or why not?
16.Would you know how to make dinner (from scratch) if your parents asked you to? What would you make?
17.Ramona tries to be less of a nuisance, but suddenly she becomes a "supernuisance" by throwing up at school! If she had told someone she wasn't feeling well, what might have happened instead?
18.Do you like to stay home sick from school? Why or why not?
19.Instead of a book report, Ramona creates a pretend commercial to "sell" her book. What did you think of what she tried to do?
20.If you had to do a book report like Ramona's class where you had to "sell" the book, how would you talk about this book to get other kids to read it?
21.It turns out Mrs. Whaley doesn't think badly of Ramona after all. Why do you think Ramona cares so much about what her teacher thinks of her?
22.Have you ever had a day like the Quimby family when everyone seems to be in a bad mood? Did anything happen to make things better?
23.Even though Mr. and Mrs. Quimby are worried about money, Ramona's father decides the family should go out to dinner. Do you think that was a good idea? Why or why not?
24.A stranger pays for the Quimbys' dinner at a restaurant. Why do you think he did that?
25.Do you think the Quimbys are a "nice" family? Why or why not?
26.The stories about Ramona are made up. But tell us one thing about Ramona that makes her seem like a real person.
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