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General Fiction
Lazarovic, Sarah  A Bunch of Pretty Things I Did Not Buy   (Aug 29)
Nguye~^n, Nha?^t A´nh  A Ticket to Childhood : A Novel   (Aug 29)
Chicurel, Judy  If I Knew You Were Going to Be This Beautiful, I Never Would Have Let You Go   (Aug 29)
Mehlman, Peter  It Won’t Always Be This Great   (Aug 29)
Strecker, Susan  Night Blindness   (Aug 29)
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)  Secrets of Foxworth   (Aug 29)
Tesdell, Diana Secker.  Stories of Art and Artists   (Aug 29)
Zeltserman, Dave  The Boy Who Killed Demons   (Aug 29)
Pratchett, Terry.  The Compleat Ankh-morpork   (Aug 29)
Macfarlane, David.  The Figures of Beauty   (Aug 29)
Gavron, Assaf  The Hilltop   (Aug 29)
Treger, Louisa  The Lodger   (Aug 29)
Cameron, W. Bruce.  The Midnight Plan of the Repo Man   (Aug 29)
Russell, Sean  Until the Sea Shall Give Up Her Dead   (Aug 29)
Gordon, David  White Tiger on Snow Mountain : Stories   (Aug 29)
Bolao, Roberto  A Little Lumpen Novelita   (Aug 28)
Alcott, Kate  A Touch of Stardust   (Aug 28)
Gladstone, Wayne  Agents of the Internet Apocalypse   (Aug 28)
Williams, John.  Augustus   (Aug 28)
Ibra¯hi¯m, S?un? Alla¯h.  Beirut, Beirut   (Aug 28)
Ervin, Andrew  Burning Down George Orwell’s House   (Aug 28)
Watson, Angus.  Clash of Iron   (Aug 28)
Savage, Michael.  Countdown to Mecca : A Thriller   (Aug 28)
Kernick, Simon.  Dark Heart   (Aug 28)
Hannaham, James  Delicious Foods   (Aug 28)
Jefferson, Marci  Enchantress of Paris : A Novel of the Sun King’s Court   (Aug 28)
Kane, Ben.  Fields of Blood   (Aug 28)
Reardon, Bryan  Finding Jake   (Aug 28)
Ghosh, Amitav  Flood of Fire   (Aug 28)
Kelly, John.  From Out of the City   (Aug 28)
Corleone, Douglas  Gone Cold   (Aug 28)
Couch, Dick  Into the Fire   (Aug 28)
Rapp, Adam.  Know Your Beholder   (Aug 28)
Lethem, Jonathan.  Lucky Alan : And Other Stories   (Aug 28)
Knausga°rd, Karl Ove  My Struggle   (Aug 28)
Coughlin, Jack  Night of the Cobra : A Sniper Novel   (Aug 28)
Mukasonga, Scholastique  Our Lady of the Nile   (Aug 28)
Lish, Atticus  Preparation for the Next Life   (Aug 28)
Mogford, Thomas  Sleeping Dogs : A Spike Sanguinetti Novel   (Aug 28)
Smith, Noble Mason  Sword of Apollo   (Aug 28)
Lynds, Gayle.  The Assassins   (Aug 28)
Freemantle, Brian.  The Cloud Collector : A Thriller   (Aug 28)
Stroby, Wallace.  The Devil’s Share   (Aug 28)
Henry, Patti Callahan.  The Idea of Love   (Aug 28)
Swanson, Peter  The Kind Worth Killing   (Aug 28)
Gage, Eleni N.  The Ladies of Managua   (Aug 28)
McPartlin, Anna  The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes   (Aug 28)
Bolouri, Joanna  The List   (Aug 28)
Golemon, David Lynn  The Mountain : An Event Group Thriller   (Aug 28)
Willig, Lauren.  The Other Daughter   (Aug 28)
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