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General Fiction
Powell, V. K.  About Face   (Jul 30)
Dillon, E.R.  Ayrshire Murders   (Jul 30)
Morrison, Mary B.  Baby, You’re the Best   (Jul 30)
Andrews, V. C.  Christopher’s Diary : Secret Brother   (Jul 30)
Palmer, Daniel  Constant Fear   (Jul 30)
Baer, Neal  Kill Again   (Jul 30)
Begley, Louis  Killer, Come Hither   (Jul 30)
Treadway, Jessica  Lacy Eye   (Jul 30)
Fam, Charlee  Last Train to Babylon   (Jul 30)
Palahniuk, Chuck  Make Something Up : Stories You Can’t Unread   (Jul 30)
Stibbe, Nina  Man at the Helm   (Jul 30)
McCrumb, Sharyn  Nora Bonesteel’s Christmas Past : A Ballad Novella   (Jul 30)
Richtel, Matt.  The Doomsday Equation   (Jul 30)
Webb, Peggy  The Language of Silence   (Jul 30)
Bailey, Paul  The Prince’s Boy   (Jul 30)
Baillie, Martha  The Search for Heinrich Schlogel   (Jul 30)
McEwen, Scott  The Sniper and the Wolf : A Sniper Elite Novel   (Jul 30)
LeBor, Adam.  The Washington Stratagem   (Jul 30)
Itani, Frances  Tell   (Jul 29)
Harrison, Jim  The Big Seven   (Jul 29)
Khara, David  The Bleiberg Project   (Jul 29)
Monroe, Mary.  Bad Blood   (Jul 28)
Mantel, Tara  Elemental   (Jul 28)
Hornby, Nick.  Funny Girl   (Jul 28)
Link, Kelly.  Get in Trouble : Stories   (Jul 28)
Michaels, Fern  In Plain Sight   (Jul 28)
Hunter, Sandra  Losing Touch   (Jul 28)
Michaels, Fern  Perfect Match   (Jul 28)
Hua, Yu  The Seventh Day   (Jul 28)
Stamm, Peter  All Days Are Night   (Jul 25)
Ryan, David.  Animals in Motion : Stories   (Jul 25)
Shoham, Liad  Asylum City   (Jul 25)
Ca, Nha  Mourning Headband for Hue : An Account of the Battle for Hue, Vietnam 1968   (Jul 25)
Stephenson, Neal  Seveneves   (Jul 25)
Otto, Shawn  Sins of Our Fathers   (Jul 25)
Munger, Mark  Sukulaiset : The kindred   (Jul 25)
Stothard, Anna  The Art of Leaving   (Jul 25)
Perry, Marta.  The Forgiven   (Jul 25)
McBeth, Colette  The Life I Left Behind   (Jul 25)
Jio, Sarah  The Look of Love   (Jul 25)
Addonizio, Kim  The Palace of Illusions : Stories   (Jul 25)
Chang, Leonard.  Triplines   (Jul 25)
Bennett, Jenna  Before You: Sex on the Beach   (Jul 24)
McLaughlin, Jen  Between Us   (Jul 24)
Probst, Jennifer  Beyond Me: Sex on the Beach   (Jul 24)
Robinson, Michael A.  Butterfly   (Jul 24)
Skyy, 1982-  Full Figured 8: Plus Size Divas   (Jul 24)
Burt-Murray, Angela.  Games Divas Play   (Jul 24)
Kinsella, Tim  Let Go and Go On and On   (Jul 24)
Larsen, Annette K.  Missing Lily   (Jul 24)
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