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General Fiction
Bennett, Jenna  Before You: Sex on the Beach   (Jul 24)
McLaughlin, Jen  Between Us   (Jul 24)
Probst, Jennifer  Beyond Me: Sex on the Beach   (Jul 24)
Robinson, Michael A.  Butterfly   (Jul 24)
Skyy  Full Figured 8: Plus Size Divas   (Jul 24)
Burt-Murray, Angela.  Games Divas Play   (Jul 24)
Kinsella, Tim  Let Go and Go On and On   (Jul 24)
Larsen, Annette K.  Missing Lily   (Jul 24)
Hobbs, Allison.  Misty: Double Dippin’   (Jul 24)
Hudson, George Sherman  Nikki 2   (Jul 24)
Tucker, Pat.  The Cocktail Club   (Jul 24)
Massey, Marcus  The Come Up   (Jul 24)
Clark, Wahida.  The Golden Hustla 2   (Jul 24)
Tekay, Rumont  Venom in My Veinz   (Jul 24)
Young-Robinson, Christine  We Didn’t See It Coming   (Jul 24)
Zane.  Zane’s the Other Side of the Pillow   (Jul 24)
Sojourner, Mary.  29   (Jul 23)
Metcalf, Ben  Against the Country   (Jul 23)
Belcamino, Kristi  Blessed Are the Meek : A Gabriella Giovanni Mystery   (Jul 23)
Howard, Ravi.  Driving the King   (Jul 23)
Gobbell, John J.  Edge of Valor : A Todd Ingram Novel   (Jul 23)
Moreno, Courtney  In Case of Emergency   (Jul 23)
Wallace, Christopher.  Killing the Messenger   (Jul 23)
Boehlke, Carolyn K.  Literaria   (Jul 23)
Eason, Lynette  Nowhere to Turn   (Jul 23)
Vachss, Andrew H.  Vachss : Underground   (Jul 23)
Holm, Catherine Dybiec  Voice Lessons : Tales of Breaking Free   (Jul 23)
Wylie, Philip  Crunch & Des : Classic Stories of Saltwater Fishing   (Jul 22)
Genova, Lisa.  Inside the O’briens   (Jul 22)
Berg, Elizabeth.  The Dream Lover : A Novel of George Sand   (Jul 22)
Bergman, Megan Mayhew  Almost Famous Women : Stories   (Jul 21)
Morrow, James  Galapagos Regained   (Jul 21)
Lane, Harriet  Her   (Jul 21)
Pearlman, Edith  Honeydew : Stories   (Jul 21)
Thomas, David.  Ostland   (Jul 21)
Hagberg, David.  Retribution   (Jul 21)
Harrison, Rashad  The Abduction of Smith and Smith   (Jul 21)
Reilly, Matthew.  The Great Zoo of China   (Jul 21)
Hermann, Nellie  The Season of Migration   (Jul 21)
Scotton, Chris  The Secret Wisdom of the Earth   (Jul 21)
Burgess, Matt  Uncle Janice   (Jul 21)
Herschbach, Dennis  A River Through Two Harbors   (Jul 17)
Dainty, Suellen  After Everything   (Jul 17)
David, Peter.  Artful : Being the Heretofore Secret History of That Unique Individual the Artful Dodger, Hunter of Vampyres (Amongst Other Things)   (Jul 17)
Ward, Amanda Eyre  Homecoming   (Jul 17)
Noser, Ann M.  How to Date Dead Guys   (Jul 17)
Freveletti, Jamie.  Robert Ludlum’s the Geneva Strategy   (Jul 17)
Dean, Averil  Blackbird   (Jul 15)
Thilliez, Franck  Bred to Kill : A Thriller   (Jul 15)
Morrell, David  Inspector of the Dead   (Jul 15)
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