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Levien, David.  Signature Kill   (Sep 29)
Kallentoft, Mons  Spring Remains : A Thriller   (Sep 29)
Kaaberb?l, Lene  Doctor Death : A Madeleine Karno Mystery   (Sep 26)
Daheim, Mary.  Here Comes the Bribe : A Bed and Breakfast Mystery   (Sep 26)
Giambanco, Valentina  The Gift of Darkness   (Sep 26)
Ford, G. M. (Gerald M.)  Chump Change   (Sep 25)
Hambly, Barbara.  Crimson Angel   (Sep 25)
Watterson, Kate  Fractured   (Sep 25)
Salzberg, Charles.  Swann’s Lake of Despair   (Sep 25)
Blackstock, Terri  Cape Refuge   (Sep 19)
Helms, E. Michael  Deadly Ruse : A Mac Mcclellan Mystery   (Sep 19)
Lloyd, Catherine  Death Comes to London   (Sep 19)
Chapman, Vannetta  Murder Tightly Knit   (Sep 19)
Hinton, J. Lynne  Sister Eve, Private Eye   (Sep 19)
Blackstock, Terri  Southern Storm   (Sep 19)
Williams, Timothy.  The Puppeteer   (Sep 19)
Davis, Lindsey.  Deadly Election : A Flavia Albia Mystery   (Sep 17)
Smith, S. L.  Running Scared: The Second Pete Culnane Mystery   (Sep 17)
Bebris, Carrie.  The Suspicion at Sanditon : Or, the Disappearance of Lady Denham   (Sep 17)
Black, Benjamin  Untitled : A Quirke Novel   (Sep 17)
Pronzini, Bill.  Vixen : A Nameless Detective Novel   (Sep 17)
Patterson, James  14th Deadly Sin : a Women’s Murder Club mystery   (Sep 16)
Trent, Christine  A Virtuous Death   (Sep 16)
Leon, Donna.  Falling in Love : A Commissario Guido Brunetti Mystery   (Sep 16)
Oak, B. B.  Thoreau on Wolf Hill   (Sep 16)
Korman, Amy  Killer Wasps : A Killer Wasps Mystery   (Sep 15)
Wiehl, Lis W.  Lethal Beauty   (Sep 15)
Hamilton, Glen Erik  Past Crimes   (Sep 15)
Ellis, Kate  The Death Season   (Sep 15)
Harris, C. S.  Who Buries the Dead   (Sep 15)
Jardine, Quintin.  Hour of Darkness   (Sep 12)
Truman, Margaret  Margaret Truman’s Internship in Murder : A Capital Crimes Novel   (Sep 12)
Stacey, Lyndon.  Nothing but Lies   (Sep 12)
Flanders, Judith.  A Murder of Magpies   (Sep 10)
Bilal, Parker  The Burning Gates : A Makana Mystery   (Sep 10)
Mencher, Brooks  The Yarn Woman   (Sep 5)
Childs, Laura.  Ming Tea Murder : A Tea Shop Mystery   (Sep 4)
Childs, Laura.  Ming Tea Murder : A Tea Shop Mystery   (Sep 4)
Robinson, Peter  Untitled : An Inspector Banks Novel   (Sep 4)
Yu, Ovidia  Aunty Lee’s Deadly Specials : A Singaporean Mystery   (Sep 3)
McKenzie, C. B.  Bad Country   (Sep 3)
Varenne, Antonin  Bed of Nails   (Sep 3)
Buckland, Raymond  Dead for a Spell   (Sep 3)
Hayes, Frank  Death at the Black Bull   (Sep 3)
Collins, Max Allan.  Double Dealer   (Sep 3)
Muir, Frank (Crime novelist)  Eye for an eye   (Sep 3)
Chazin, Suzanne.  Land of Careful Shadows   (Sep 3)
Robertson, Imogen  The Paris Winter   (Sep 3)
Washburn, Livia J.  Trick or Deadly Treat : A Fresh-baked Mystery   (Sep 3)
Chandler-Willis, Lynn  Wink of an Eye : A Mystery   (Sep 3)
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