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Police procedurals featuring law enforcement officers who risk it all to solve crimes and get the bad guys.

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  Cover Art: Dead for Life Black, Ethan.
Dead for Life
NYPD detective Conrad Voort receives a chilling message on his birthday; "Three more by tonight. Your fault." Racing to catch the killer whose threats have sent the city into a panic, Voort begins to wonder if the culprit is someone from his days as a rookie cop. Someone who has nothing left to lose....
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Thou Shalt Kill Blake, Daniel, 1969-
Thou Shalt Kill
Hardened Pittsburgh homicide detective, Franco Patrese, is a man who has lost his belief in humanity, and the latest serial killer stalking his town on a mission to kill according to the ten commandments isn't quite restoring his faith. Patrese knows that this kind of vigilante justice is the most dangerous kind, and he's prepared to go into some dark places mentally and physically to catch his killer.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: The Mortician's Daughter Bloom, Elizabeth
The Mortician's Daughter
A suspended New York City policewoman returns home to a small New England mill town to investigate the murder of her best friend's son.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: 212 : a Novel Burke, Alafair
212 : a Novel
When NYPD detective Ellie Hatcher and her partner, J.J. Rogan, suspect a connection between the murder of a college co-ed and the murder of a bodyguard employed by a real estate developer, the clues lead them into the darker side of the Internet. Ellie soon ends up in the crosshairs when she refuses to stop investigating those in power who would rather their activities not be exposed.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Jolie Blon's Bounce : a Novel Burke, James Lee, 1936-
Jolie Blon's Bounce : a Novel
Dave Robicheaux, Burke's Cajun detective, encounters the mysterious, evil, seemingly indestructible Legion Guidry, who has resurfaced near New Iberia and may be linked to the murder of a teenager and a prostitute. Convinced that the drug-addicted blues singer under arrest for the first killing is innocent, Robicheaux goes after Guidry at the risk of his own life and sanity.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Nights of the Red Moon Burton, Milton T.
Nights of the Red Moon
Longtime Sheriff Bo Handel of Caddo County Texas has his hands full when the local minister's wife is murdered and dumped in front of the church. Finding out the victim was involved in drugs and having affairs adds to the list of suspects. Was the killer a jilted lover? A drug lord? Someone else? Used to a light workload, Sheriff Handel finds things getting out of hand.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Out of Cabrini : a Macbeth Novel Case, Dave, 1961-
Out of Cabrini : a Macbeth Novel
When Lonnie Huggins is released from prison, he is rewarded for his silence by being handed four kilos and the task of starting a drug territory for the notorious Cabrini Green Gang in Chicago. After hiding it in his car, he is arrested again and the car is auctioned off. Huggins' gang is desperate to get the car back, and Officer Stacy MacBeth must find them before more innocents die.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Breaking Silence Castillo, Linda.
Breaking Silence
When Solly and Rachel Slabaugh, along with Solly's brother Abel, are found dead in a hog pit, Chief of Police Kate Burkholder investigates the gruesome scene. Once again teaming up with Agent John Tomasetti, Kate reveals that the death may not have been accidental, but one of the most horrific hate crimes ever to befall the Amish community of Painter's Creek.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Echo Park : a Novel Connelly, Michael, 1956-
Echo Park : a Novel
Detective Harry Bosch, now in the Open-unsolved Unit, receives a call from the DA telling him a serial killer has confessed to several murders. Harry must interview the man about a case he couldn't crack involving the murder of a 22-year-old woman whose body was never found.
Adult Mystery Book
  Cover Art: A Mammoth Murder Crider, Bill, 1941-
A Mammoth Murder
Sheriff Dan Rhodes investigates two murders: the first murder is of Bud Turley, a man who claimed he had found one of Bigfoot's teeth, and given it to Sheriff Rhodes for safekeeping the day before his murder; the second is the murder of an elderly woman who ran a small store at the edge of the woods where Turley's body was found.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Dead Without a Stone to Tell it Danna, Jen J.
Dead Without a Stone to Tell it
Homicide detective Leigh Abbott has a difficult challenge: solve a murder where the only evidence is a single bone. To identify the victim and find the killer she must join forces with forensic anthropologist Matt Lowell. Evidence leads them to a burial ground of unidentified victims - where they stumble upon a freshly ravaged corpse. Soon Matt and Leigh find themselves marked as targets.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Shadows Still Remain : a Novel De Jonge, Peter.
Shadows Still Remain : a Novel
Detective Darlene O'Hara and her partner, Serge Krekorian, set out to find a missing female coed, but when the case turns high-profile, and Homicide is called in, O'Hara defies NYPD brass to secretly pursue her own investigation.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: The Lost Witness Ellis, Robert, 1954-
The Lost Witness
Los Angeles detective Lena Gamble is held in disgrace by department higher-ups because of a previous case. She is given a final chance to prove herself by solving the grisliest of homicides: a beautiful young woman chopped into pieces and dropped in a dumpster. Wary that she is being set up, with the help of a handful of officers she trusts, Gamble sets out to untangle a web of lethal secrets and lies.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: The First Cut : a Novel Emley, Dianne.
The First Cut : a Novel
Detective Nan Vining returns to work at the Pasadena Police Department, one year after having barely survived a brutal attack. She is assigned to investigate the vicious rape-murder of LAPD vice cop Frankie Lynde, who worked as an undercover prostitute. Is this the work of the one who attacked Nan? Can he be stopped?
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Well-schooled in Murder George, Elizabeth, 1949-
Well-schooled in Murder
When thirteen-year-old Matthew Whately goes missing from Bredgar Chambers, a prestigious public school in the heart of West Sussex, aristocratic Inspector Thomas Lynley receives a call for help from the lad's housemaster, an old school chum. Thus, the inspector, his partner, Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers, and forensic scientist Simon Allcourt-St. James find themselves once again outside their jurisdiction and deeply involved in the search for a child—and then, tragically, for a child killer.
Adult Mystery Book GEORGE
  Cover Art: The Apprentice : a Novel Gerritsen, Tess.
The Apprentice : a Novel
Even though Boston detective Jane Rizzoli is recovering from the near-death experience at the hands of a serial killer, she's going after a copycat murderer whose modus operandi is disturbingly familiar. Warren Hoyt may still be behind bars, but Jane thinks there's a connection between him and the man the police call the Dominator, since the crimes are similar. When Hoyt escapes from prison, determined to take revenge on the policewoman who put him there, Rizzoli must stop him before he stops her.
Adult Fiction Book GERRITS
  Cover Art: Cuts Like a Knife Gilroy, M. K.
Cuts Like a Knife
Chicago Detective Kristen Conner goes undercover to find a serial killer who selects his victims - all successful young professional women - in the most unlikely of places - only to find herself as his new favorite target.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: The Murderers Griffin, W. E. B.
The Murderers
In Philadelphia, a policeman suspected of drug dealing is murdered, a bar owner and his wife are gunned down and a young woman dies from drug overdose. It is up to detectives Matt Payne and Jason Washington to put together the pieces.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Forests of the Night Hall, James W. (James Wilson), 1947-
Forests of the Night
Coral Gables Florida cop Charlotte Monroe and her defense lawyer husband, Parker, live with their schizophrenic teenage daughter, Gracey. Cherokee Jacob Panther, a childhood friend of Parker's is on the FBI's most wanted list; he escapes, and Gracey follows him. The seemingly simple manhunt involves Charlotte, Parker, and Gracey in a generational feud with roots deep in the Cherokee nation and with potentially lethal connections to Parker's family.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Bag Limit Havill, Steven
Bag Limit
Bill Gastner, the reluctant sheriff of Posadas County, New Mexico, anticipates his last few days in office will be uneventful. That is, until local teen Matt Baca drives drunkenly into the back of Gastner's cruiser, then flees into the night. His eventual capture turns tragic when the boy becomes irrationally violent and takes a fatal tumble into oncoming traffic. Adding to the tragedy, Matt's father is found dead in his tiny kitchen. Is this all a terrible coincidence, or is something more sinister afoot?
Adult Fiction Book
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• Aird, Catherine
C.D. Sloan
• Bannister, Jo
Liz Graham (police officer)
• Barr, Nevada
Anna Pigeon (park ranger)
• Beaton, M. C.
Hamish Macbeth
• Blunt, Giles
John Cardinal
• Brown, Steve
Susan Chase (state investigator)
• Burcell, Robin
Kate Gillespie (homicide detective)
• Clausen, Lowen
Katherine Murphy/Grace Stevens (police officers)
• Crombie, Deborah
Gemma James (police officer)
• D'Amato, Barbara
Suze Figeroa (police officer)
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Inspector Morse
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Aurelio Zen
• Eddy, Paul
Grace Flint (police officer)
• Erickson, K.J.
Marshal (Mars) Bahr
• Fanning, Dianne
Lucinda Pierce (Homicide detective)
• Forrest, Katherine V.
Kate Delafield (police officer)
• George, Elizabeth
Barbara Havers (police officer)
• Gill, Bartholomew
Peter McGarr
• Glass, Leslie
April Woo (police officer)
• Grimes, Martha
Richard Jury
• Gunn, Elizabeth
Jake Hines
• Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia
Bill Slider
• Havill, Stephen
Estelle Reyes-Guzman (undersheriff)
• Hess, Joan
Arly Hanks (police chief)
• Hightower, Lynn
Sonora Blair (police officer)
• Hill, Reginald
Andy Dalziel and Peter Pascoe
• Jance, J.A.
Joanna Brady (sheriff)
• Kaminsky, Stuart
Porfiry Petrovich Rostnikov
• Kaminsky, Stuart
Abe Lieberman
• Kava, Alex
Maggie O'Dell (FBI agent)
• Keating, H. R. F.
Ganesh Ghote
• Kellerman, Faye
Peter Decker
• Kellogg, Marne Davis
Lily Bennett (U.S. marshal)
• Konrath, J.A.
Jacqueline Daniels (Police Lieutenant)
• Leon, Donna
Guido Brunetti
• Mahoney, Dan
Brian McKenna
• Maron, Margaret
Sigrid Harald (N.Y.C. Police)
• Marsh, Ngaio
Roderick Alleyn
• McBain, Ed
87th Precinct
• McGarrity, Michael
Kevin Kerney
• McGown, Jill
Judy Hill (police inspector)
• O'Connell, Carol
Kathleen Mallory (police officer)
• Parker, Robert B.
Jesse Stone
• Parker, T. Jefferson
• Perry, Anne
William Monk
• Rendell, Ruth
Reginald Wexford
• Simenon, Georges
Jules Maigret
• Smith, Julie
Skip Langdon (police officer)
• Spencer, Sally
Charlie Woodend
• Stabenow, Dana
Liam Campbell
• Tooley, S.D.
Sam Casey (detective sergeant)
• Wambaugh, Joseph
• Wetering, Janwillem van de
Grijpstra and deGier
• Wishnia, K.J.A.
Filomena Buscarsela (police officer)
• Woods, Paula
Charlotte Justice (police officer)
• Woods, Paula
Charlotte Justice
• Wright, Eric
Charlie Salter
• Zubro, Mark Richard
Paul Turner