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Suspenseful fiction with a legal bent: lawyers, judges and other legal professionals as protagonists, or where a court is a predominant setting.

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  Cover Art: The Prosecution Rests: New Stories About Courtrooms Criminals and the Law The Prosecution Rests: New Stories About Courtrooms Criminals and the Law
After the crime is over, the real drama begins. That's what this riveting collection proves as it carries us from theSalemwitch trials to Depression-era Chicago to today's highest-stakes legal dramas. Short stories from your favorite authors, Linda Fairstein, James Grippando and more.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: The Guilty One Ballantyne, Lisa
The Guilty One
London solicitor Daniel Hunter finds his life changed when he meets an eleven-year-old boy accused of murdering an eight-year-old boy--a case that forces him to confront his own childhood and unearths memories he'd long buried.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Smash Cut Brown, Sandra
Smash Cut
The murder of Paul Wheeler is a case that could earn Derek Mitchell even greater star power. When the Wheeler family approaches him about defending Creighton for his uncle's murder -- even before he's charged -- he jumps at the chance. But the more Derek learns about Creighton and his darker side, the more he doubts the young man's innocence.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Temporary Perfections Carofiglio, Gianrico
Temporary Perfections
Manuela Ferraro, a young woman in her twenties, disappeared six months ago after spending a September weekend at a beach resort; skeptical a first about taking a job better suited to a detective than a lawyer, Guerrieri nevertheless becomes engrossed in the case. As he digs deep into her life and activities, he stumbles into a sinsiter cover-up, and the real truth about why Manuela vanished.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Killing Custer Coel, Margaret
Killing Custer
When Colin Morningside, a descendant of Crazy Horse, is accused of murdering a General Armstrong Custer impersonator, Father John O'Malley and Vicky Holden must find the truth, which leads them into a deadly conspiracy that neither of them could have foreseen.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: The Gods of Guilt: a Novel Connelly, Michael
The Gods of Guilt: a Novel
Haunted by the ghosts of his past, Mickey must work tirelessly and bring all his skill to bear on a case that could mean his ultimate redemption or proof of his ultimate guilt.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Word of Honor DeMille, Nelson
Word of Honor
He is a brilliant corporate executive, and an honest family man. But a lifetime ago Ben Tyson was a lieutenant in Vietnam. There the men under his command committed a murderous atrocity--and together swore never to tell the world what they had done. Now the press, army justice, and the events he tried to forget have caught up with Ben. His family, his career, and his personal sense of honor hang in the balance.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Murder One: a Novel Dugoni, Robert.
Murder One: a Novel
A year after the murder of his wife, attorney David Sloane reconnects with former adversary Barclay Reid, who upon losing her daughter to a drug overdose has launched a campaign against Russian drug trafficking, only to be accused of murdering a dealer.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: The Last Alibi Ellis, David
The Last Alibi
A funny looking geeky loner walks into Jason Kolarich's office one day with a preemptive concern. Two women have recently been murdered and he thinks he will be the prime suspect. As Kolarich begins to look more closely his client's life and story, it quickly becomes clear that the target of the frame up isn't Drinker but Kolarich.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Silent Mercy Fairstein, Linda A.
Silent Mercy
When the burnt headless body of a young woman is found on the steps of a Baptist Church in Harlem, Assistant DA Alexandra Cooper is one of the first on the shocking scene. With NYPD cop Mike Chapman, Alex begins to investigate, but before long another woman is slaughtered and found on the steps of a Catholic church in Little Italy.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Blood Money Grippando, James
Blood Money
A nation is obsessed with a hot nightclub waitress accused of murdering her two-year-old daughter. The shocking verdict creates an immediate uproar. But when an innocent, young woman ends up dead in a riot, there may be something bigger at work.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: The Brethren Grisham, John
The Brethren
"Trumble is a minimum-security federal prison, a "camp," home to the usual assortment of relatively harmless criminals -- drug dealers, bank robbers, swindlers, embezzlers, tax evaders, two Wall Street crooks, one doctor, at least five lawyers. And three former judges who call themselves the Brethren. --front flap.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Plea of Insanity Hoffman, Jilliane
Plea of Insanity
The prosecutor: Julia Valenciano. Young and ambitious, and facing a case that could launch her career. The defendant: David Marquette. A successful Miami surgeon and devoted family man. The victims: Marquette's own wife and three small children. The plea: Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: 31 Bond Street: a Novel Horan, Ellen
31 Bond Street: a Novel
Committed to justice and the law, New York City defense attorney Henry Clinton will aid the vulnerable widow Emma Cunningham in her desperate fight to save herself from the gallows as they both seek to discover who killed Dr. Harvey Burdell.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Among Thieves Hosp, David
Among Thieves
Members of Boston's criminal underground are turning up dead. When Scott Finn learns that one of his clients, Devon Malley, was part of a $300 million artwork heist, he's quickly drawn into the crossfire, and into the renewed hunt for the missing artwork--a hunt that may cost Finn and his colleagues their lives.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: A Welcome Grave Koryta, Michael.
A Welcome Grave
Accepting involvement in the case after a request from his former fiancee, Perry agrees to locate the dead man's estranged son and inform him of his large inheritance. It seems like a simple role, at least until Perry lands in jail while the son is zipped into a body bag.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Defending Jacob: a Novel Landay, William.
Defending Jacob: a Novel
Andy Barber, assistant district attoryney, is blindsided when his fourteen-year-old son is charged with the murder of a fellow student. Andy will face a trial of his own-- between loyalty and justice, between truth and allegation, between a past he's tried to bury and a future he cannot conceive.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Blood and Bone Lashner, William.
Blood and Bone
Kyle Byrne, the illegitimate son of a prominent lawyer. Living on the edge, with loose women and constant money problems, Kyle isn't particularly motivated to change his lifestyle. But when his father's former law partner is murdered, he becomes a prime suspect. Now Kyle must dive into the complex web of his father's life to find answers--and a killer.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Speak of the Devil Leotta, Allison
Speak of the Devil
"While Anna is enjoying a romantic dinner capped off by a marriage proposal, a few miles away two separate groups are gearing up to raid a brothel, one group lead by a vicious killer known as Diablo and the other is lead by Anna's own investigative team..." Amazon
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: The Ophelia Cut: a Novel Lescroart, John T.
The Ophelia Cut: a Novel
Defending old friend Moses McGuire against wrongful murder charges involving a man who raped his daughter, attorney Dismas Hardy risks his career when the case threatens to expose old secrets involving him and police lieutenant Abe Glitsky.
Adult Fiction Book
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