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Richtel, Matt.  A deadly wandering : a tale of tragedy and redemption in the age of attention   (Sep 29)
Fitzpatrick, Becca  Black ice   (Sep 29)
Carey, Anna  Blackbird   (Sep 29)
Beukes, Lauren  Broken monsters : a novel   (Sep 29)
Patterson, James  Burn   (Sep 29)
Cronenberg, David  Consumed : a novel   (Sep 29)
Codell, Esme´ Raji  Diary of a fairy godmother   (Sep 29)
Weston, Gabriel  Dirty work : a novel   (Sep 29)
Morton, Brian  Florence Gordon   (Sep 29)
Gaffigan, Jim  Food : a love story   (Sep 29)
Maxwell, John C.  Good leaders ask great questions : your foundation for successful leadership   (Sep 29)
Hancock, Herbie  Herbie Hancock : possibilities   (Sep 29)
Schmidt, Eric  How Google works   (Sep 29)
Afshar, Tessa  In the field of grace : a novel   (Sep 29)
Robinson, Marilynne.  Lila : a novel   (Sep 29)
Earley, Tony  Mr. Tall : a novella and stories   (Sep 29)
Brockmann, Suzanne.  Night sky   (Sep 29)
Smith, Richard Norton  On his own terms : a life of Nelson Rockefeller   (Sep 29)
Chesney, Marion.  Penelope   (Sep 29)
Chesney, Marion.  Polly   (Sep 29)
Mayor, Archer.  Proof positive : a Joe Gunther novel   (Sep 29)
Castle, Richard  Raging Heat   (Sep 29)
Jones, Darynda  Seventh grave and no body : a novel   (Sep 29)
Miley, Mary  Silent murders : a mystery   (Sep 29)
Young, Neil  Special deluxe   (Sep 29)
Alvarez, Jennifer Lynn  Starfire   (Sep 29)
  The complete idiot’s guide to Mandarin Chinese. Level 2.   (Sep 29)
Chesney, Marion.  The dreadful debutante   (Sep 29)
Siegel, Daniel J.  The mindful brain : the neurobiology of well-being   (Sep 29)
Meyer, Joyce  The power of being thankful : 365 devotions for discovering the strength of gratitude   (Sep 29)
Nafisi, Azar.  The republic of imagination : America in three books   (Sep 29)
Dolnick, Edward  The rush : America’s fevered quest for fortune, 1848-1853 : a new history of the Gold Rush   (Sep 29)
Beaton, M. C.  The savage marquess   (Sep 29)
Hobbs, Jeff  The short and tragic life of Robert Peace : a brilliant young man who left Newark for the Ivy League   (Sep 29)
Chamberlain, Diane  The silent sister   (Sep 29)
Lovesey, Peter.  The stone wife : a Chief Superintendent Peter Diamond investigation   (Sep 29)
Van Rooy, David L.  Trajectory : 7 career strategies to take you from where you are to where you want to be   (Sep 29)
Tindell, Kip  Uncontainable : how passion, commitment, and conscious capitalism built a business where everyone thrives   (Sep 29)
Campbell, Anna  What a duke dares   (Sep 29)
Gay, Roxane  Bad feminist : essays   (Sep 24)
McCullough, Colleen  Bittersweet   (Sep 24)
Hobb, Robin.  Fool’s assassin   (Sep 24)
Heath, Lorraine  Once more, my darling rogue   (Sep 24)
Chase, Nichole  Reluctantly royal   (Sep 24)
Rollins, James  The 6th extinction   (Sep 24)
Carlyle, Liz.  The earl’s mistress   (Sep 24)
Willig, Lauren.  The mark of the midnight manzanilla : a Pink carnation novel   (Sep 24)
Gibson, Rachel  What I love about you   (Sep 24)
Hall, Sandy (Librarian)  A little something different   (Sep 23)
Kelly, Sofie  A midwinter’s tail   (Sep 23)
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