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Cover ArtA bride for Donnigan
by Oke, Janette, 1935-
I really enjoyed reading this book. It is a story about a girl from Ireland who becomes a mail order bride for a man named Donnigan. They don't get along at first, but they soon learn how to accept each other for the way they are. I highly suggest that you should read this book [Series: Women of the West]   posted Aug 10, 2004

Cover ArtSpy for the night riders
by Jackson, Dave
This book is about Martin Luther. It os the story of Luther's later life. Fictional characters have been added to make the story more interesting. The story is about how Martin Luther defends his belief in the Bible. He disagrees with a man named John Eck. Eck forces Luther to appear before the royal court in Rome. Luther experiences many different things on his trip to Rome. Such as: a kidnap, runaway ferry boat,and very angry mobs. At the close of the book, Luther writes a very weel-known hynm: A Mighty Fortress is our God. [Series: Trailblazer Books]   posted Jun 19, 2004

Cover ArtThe magician's nephew
by Lewis, C. S. 1898-1963
This book is the first book in the "Chronicles of Narnia" series. It explains the origin of Narnia and it makes you want to read the second book, The Lion,the witch, and the Wardrobe. I highly recomend reading this book and the whole series. [Series: Chronicles of Narnia]   posted Jun 19, 2004

Cover ArtThe silver chair
by Lewis, C. S. 1898-1963
The Silver Chair is the sixth book in the Chronicles of Narnia series. Eustace and Jill are magically summend to Narnia. Their job is to find the lost Prince Rilian. Aslan speaks to Jill and tells her to look for signs that will lead her to the prince. She dilligently recites them for awhile, and then she stops repeating them and forgets them. Then when Jill and Eustace end up in an underground world Jill wishes she would have worked harder at remebering the signs. I highly suggest reading this book and for that matter, the whole series!! [Series: Chronicles of Narnia #6]   posted Aug 22, 2004

Cover ArtA child called "it" : an abused child's journey from victim to victor
by Pelzer, David J.
This sad book is a true story based on Dave Pelzer's childhood. A young child's will to live is very inspiring but distressing that someone could do that to a child. I reccommend it but for people who can handle the pain a child went through.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtAnother homecoming
by Oke, Janette, 1935-
What would you do if you thought that this one lady was your mother and then another lady shows up claiming she is your mother? This is the proplem that Kyle has to sort out. She would have to change her culture if this new woman was her mother. But would her real mother ly to her? This intriguing story will captivate you to keep reading.   posted Aug 10, 2004

Cover ArtFour miles to Pinecone
by Hassler, Jon.
Four Miles to Pinecone is the story about a Tom who is forced to write an essay on what he did over his summer vacation. During his summer vacation, things happen while he is up at his uncle's cabin, that would make for an interesting essay. I finished this book in a day, and I loved it. I highly reccommend it for it's mystery and teen based plot.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtThe meeting place
by Oke, Janette, 1935-
I love this book!!! It is the first one in the series. I can't wait to read the second book. The Meeting Place is about two women. One is an English woman named Catherine and the other is a French woman named Louis. Louis and Catherine meet at a meadow. They both went there regularly and met each other one day. They had a language difficulty because Louis spoke French and Catherine spoke English. Catherine learned some French so the two communicated very little at first. At the time when the book is written, the English are going to war with the French. The ladies keep meeting each other at the meadow, even though their lives are at a great risk. One day Louis asks Catherine to come to her village to meet their vicar or elder. Catherine accepts and she thoroughly enjoys her visit to the French village. Catherine has been keeping her visits with Louis a secret. After the visit to the village, Catherine tells her husband ,Andrew, about Louis. He is a sergeant in the army. After Catherine tells him he almost forbids her to go and see louis any more because it could endanger his position. I shouldn't tell you any more or you might not read it!!!!   posted Aug 24, 2004

Cover ArtFirst test
by Pierce, Tamora
I would like to give this book about six stars but no option I can use. I will read it agian and agian. If you like this book go for the whole series.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtFirst test
by Pierce, Tamora
This is one of those books every girl HAS to read. I would call it the feel-good girl book of the century! It's about a girl who uses her own wits, stregth and determination to conquer a very sexist time. She's a show-stopper.   posted Feb 11, 2005

Cover ArtThe last battle
by Lewis, C. S. 1898-1963
Supposedly Aslan is back in the country, but he is doing strange things. He is selling the Narnians into captivity with the Calormenes. He is chopping down Driads and talking trees!!!! Why is Aslan doing this? Read the book to find out. [Series: The Chronicles of Narnia #7]   posted Aug 22, 2004

Cover ArtThe voyage of the Dawn Treader
by Lewis, C. S. 1898-1963
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Out of all the Chronicles of Narnia series, this one is my favorite. It is the story of Caspian ,the king, adventure. He goal is to find the seven lords.The seven lords were his deceased father's friends. The journey is most intriguing and very captivating. There is a sea serpent, miniature people, invisable people and many more exciting things. [Series: Chronicles of Narnia Book 5]   posted Jul 2, 2004

Cover ArtThe seer and the sword
by Hanley, Victoria
This book is a great book to sit outside and read as the day passes by. It will grab your attention within the first paragraphs!   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtThe girls' guide to friends : straight talk on making close pals, creating lasti
by Taylor, Julie
This book is really just straight talk with do`s and dont`s in a friendship with some cool rate-yourself test that are really helpfull. Is your friend mad at you and you dont know why? Or, is your friend depressed, And you dont know how to help her? Well, then pick up this book for some quick and easy how-to`s!   posted Apr 9, 2004

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