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Cover ArtEnd of the race
by Anderson, Laurie Halse
This is a great, yet sad book. It reveals the truth about greyhound races. It made me never want to put it down! [Series: Wild at Heart #12]   posted May 9, 2006 at 11:08AM

Cover ArtCaillou, good night!
by L'Heureux, Christine
the book was funny and i like to read it because i think caillou is cute. couillou is just a little boy and he get scare of the dark just like me but i'm a girl.   posted May 9, 2006 at 11:08AM

Cover ArtThe truth out there
by Rees, Celia
A boy named josh explores his grandmas house when she falls ill and he has to go and stay with her .He finds collections of strange drawings by his uncle Patrick who died in his teens but he has no grave and is never spoken of.   posted May 9, 2006 at 11:08AM

Cover Art
I thought this was a great book for dog lovers. It was very sad at the end though.   posted May 9, 2006 at 11:08AM

Cover Art
I think it is a really good book because it you want to read more and more.Its kind of confuzing though. [Newbery Medal Winner - 1948]   posted May 9, 2006 at 11:08AM

Cover ArtPop princess
by Cohn, Rachel
I thought this book was really good except the idea was sort of cheesy but still fun. This book has everything in it and you can probably relate to it in some sort of way. Overall it was pretty good.   posted Jun 17, 2005

Cover ArtThe year of secret assignments
by Moriarty, Jaclyn
I really liked this book, it was about some girls and in English class they have to write and be pen pals with kids from another school. It is sort of predictable but it is still good. It's a really girly book in my opinion!   posted Jul 2, 2005

Cover ArtI don't mean to be rude, but-- : backstage gossip from American idol & the secre
by Cowell, Simon, 1959-
I thought this book was completely hillarious. That's really all I can say, I laughed out loud.   posted Jul 17, 2005

Cover ArtSign of the Qin
by Bass, L. G.
I really liked the book Sign of the Qin. The book is fantasy and is very different. I couldn't really understand it very well at the beginning to the middle of the book because there's a few worlds where you can die and come back to's very different like I said. The story is about the King (who's basically a bad guy) has a son one day and everything is fine until the baby rolls over and there is a mark on his cheek. That's the sign of the Qin and they are meant to destroy the King. This book switches around with characters a lot and was a little confusing but it was very good.   posted Nov 8, 2004

Cover ArtFour past midnight
by King, Stephen, 1947-
The book Four Past Midnight was a very exciting book to read, it has 4 different stories written by Stephen King. They are all very fun to read and thrilling because you never really can know what will happen next. The author will make you think that you have figured out the mystery when really you haven't. I also really like how the author can transport you to a place you would never would have imagined.   posted Aug 1, 2004

Cover ArtA farewell to arms
by Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961
I am glad I read it because it is a famous classic. However I did not feel the writing style suited me. The characters didn't fully develop and the plot was slow. I think people should read it though, although it was not particularly my favorite.   posted Jul 14, 2005

Cover ArtIn the time of the butterflies
by Alvarez, Julia
It was an interesting book because it was from the point of view of four different people; who are sisters. It was sad though, especially because it was based on a true story.   posted Jun 13, 2005

Cover ArtMy brother Sam is dead
by Collier, James Lincoln, 1928-
I really loved this book. It is all about the American Revolution. I know it sounds like it might be really boring but it's not. It is really exciting. It is about a boy named Tim, his family is all loyalists until his brother announces he will be going to war with the patriots because he wants to be free. There is a lot of tension between Tim's father and brother. There are spys everywhere and everybody only thinks about the war. This is a really exciting book, I couldn't set it down!   posted Jan 21, 2005

Cover ArtThe golden compass
by Pullman, Philip, 1946-
This book is absolutely fantastic. At first I didn't know about it because it looked boring and it looked like a little too much fantasy. The first chapter I thought was a little hard to understand but of course it gets much easier as you go on. This is about a girl named Lyra, her parents are dead and she lives at a college. Everything is fine until the "gobblers" come. They are known to kidnap children. One day a lady named Mrs. Coulier comes to take Lyra to live with her. On that day the headmaster of the college gives Lyra an alethiometer. Everything is very confusing for Lyra until she finds what she wants to do, save her friend from the gobblers. She meets many friends along the way in the great adventure.   posted Jan 21, 2005

Cover ArtA child called "it" : an abused child's journey from victim to victor
by Pelzer, David J.
It was a very good book. About a boy who's mother abused him and starved him and did other terrible things that nobody but her would ever think of. It is really terribly sad but I loved it just the same. [see booklist A Child Called "It"]   posted Jul 17, 2005

Cover ArtTo kill a mockingbird
by Lee, Harper
I thought this book was really, really great. It symbolizes so much. There is a lot that the main characters learn about life, racism and prejudice. I think it is a book all people should read.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtInterpreter of maladies : stories
by Lahiri, Jhumpa
This was a quick paced book, containing nine shorts stories. I enjoyed some more than others, but overall it was very interesting to read.   posted Jul 30, 2005

Cover ArtHomecoming
by Voigt, Cynthia
I thought this book was really good. It was a really good story and very surprising ending. Its a page turner and a great teen book! read it! [Sequel: Dicey's Song]   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtHarry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban
by Rowling, J. K.
This book is so good! I am a HUGE fan of the Harry Potter books and this is definately one of my favorites! There is so much going on and you just never wanna stop reading it!   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtThe two towers : being the second part of The lord of the rings
by Tolkien, J. R. R. 1892-1973
I thought this book was soo good!!! It was so exciting! It kept me reading all through the night!! It was so descriptive and interesting! so different from reality! its amazing what some authors can create with a pencil. READ IT!   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtHarry Potter and the goblet of fire
by Rowling, J. K.
This book was my favorite out of the Harry Potter series. It is so descriptive, it makes me feel like im there. It is definately a page-turner. Even though its 734 pages, it's hard to set down. So much is going on at once, it makes you just want to find out what happens to Harry at the end. It's a GREAT book!   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtA wrinkle in time.
by L'Engle, Madeleine
This book I thought was ok. This is because it is fantasy and I don't really like these kinds of books except Harry Potter. It is mostly about this weird little girl and her father is missing and they have to travel to different worlds and fight these mean robot people. Sorry, I don't want to give it away any more, it isn't confusing if you read the whole thing.   posted Jul 2, 2005

Cover ArtSilent to the bone
by Konigsburg, E. L.
This book was very good and I couldn't put it down but I didn't like how the author basically told what happened at the beginning. Otherwise I loved this book. Silent to the Bone is Conner trying to solve 2 mysteries. His best friend Branwell was accused of dropping his half-sister, Nikki on her head and shaking her when she goes into a coma and Branwell cannot talk to tell anyone what happened when Nikki was hurt. It is a great book.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtThe princess diaries
by Cabot, Meg
I would actually give this book a three and a half but it rounds up to a four. I didn't like the Princess Diaries the movie, I did think the book was more realistic but I think it is sort of cheesy. A lot of things happen differently in the book, most of them I think are better but overall it wasn't my favorite. [Series: Princess Diaries #1]   posted Mar 5, 2005

Cover ArtBel canto : a novel
by Patchett, Ann
This book had a little bit of everything in it. There was mystery, love, suspense, action, etc. However, because the setting was only in one place the book dragged on and on after the first couple chapters.   posted Jun 13, 2005

Cover ArtZach's lie
by Smith, Roland, 1951-
I thought that this book was a very good book. It didn't have a lot of mystery but it was a lot of fun to read about since Zach is really not Zach. It is fun to read about because when Zach (Jack) and his family are put into the witness security program they have to forget their whole life and start a new one.   posted Jun 21, 2005

Cover ArtThe sisterhood of the traveling pants
by Brashares, Ann
I liked the book The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants because it was really fun to read and was a great story. I loved how the author created 4 main characters and that you got to go back and forth from each one to share all of their perspectives and get to travel to different places when they are spending summer apart. I also enjoy how the author made everybody in the story feel more confident with the "traveling pants" on and made them have more wisdom- usually.   posted Aug 1, 2004

Cover ArtAlanna : the first adventure
by Pierce, Tamora
This book was very good. At first I thought it looked sort of stupid and weird but it turned out fantastic. It sort of holds true when you say don't judge a book by its cover, which I almost did unfortunately. This book is about a girl named Alanna, she and her twin brother are being sent away from their father. Alanna and Thom don't want to go where they are sent. A whole lot of lies cover up who they are sometimes but this book is really exciting.   posted Mar 5, 2005

Cover ArtBecoming me, by Caitlin O'Conner
by Carlson, Melody
This book is about a girl who is finding her faith. Its really interesting to find out what she finds out about God and other things about life! READ IT! [Series: Diary of a Teenage Girl, Caitlin Book #1]   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtThe Thief Lord
by Funke, Cornelia Caroline
The Thief Lord was a great book, it was very suspensfull at times. It didn't go too slow or too fast. It has perfect characters for the story.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtDrowning Anna
by Mayfield, Sue.
I really liked the book Drowning Anna. I didn't like some of the parts of the book but most of it was great. It was so sad at times it actually made me cry. I have NEVER cried in a book before this. The book really hooked me right away because at the beginning Anna goes into the bathroom and is killing herself. Luckily her mother stopped home early or she would've been dead when anyone found her. The book is all about Anna's life and finding out why Anna wanted to die. I think this is a great book...maybe I would give it 4.5 stars!   posted Nov 8, 2004

Cover ArtThe second summer of the sisterhood
by Brashares, Ann
I really liked the book The Second Summer of the Sisterhood because there was more than one main character. It got you jumping from one feeling to the next, from different scenery to the next and to other people to the next paragraph. I loved how all of the girls had a certain faith in the pants to help them even if it seemed like they had a terrible time in them the last time they wore them. I also think that my favorite character was Briget because the author always gives her so much energy and I really like how it can make me feel like I have a lot of energy too. I also liked this book because there were so many things that could happen to the different girls that you were always excited and wondering. The only thing I didn't like was when everyone was feeling terrible and lazy. But I mostly liked this book and I think that you should read it!   posted Aug 7, 2004

Cover ArtHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
by Rowling, J. K.
This was a spectacular book. Like the rest of the Harry Potter books it has many unexpected twists and turns. In this book Harry goes to Hogwarts and finds that the Ministry of Magic has taken over the school. Harry hates the new Defense against dark arts teacher and is always getting punished. It was a really great book   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtTrickster's choice
by Pierce, Tamora
I loved this book because it had great characters that you can't help loving. I love Tamora Pierce's books and this is just another one that I can add onto my favorite books list. This book has a lot of action and if you love weird fantasy books this is another one to add onto your reading list. The author has a great imagination and this book has lots of vivid detail! Please take the time to read it! [Series: Daughter of the Lioness]   posted Jun 22, 2005

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