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2007 books (continuing) (14 titles)

2006 picks (5 titles)
books i read in 2006. just the top five I could think of. will most likely edit later. All pretty good books however.
Tomes (6 titles)
I've always had a fascination with hefty books. It never mattered what they were about, as long as they had a lot of pages. Oddly enough, House of Leaves is not in the system, but that is the best book to be written in the past 30 years.

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Cover ArtNo country for old men
by McCarthy, Cormac
Before I read this, someone told me that it was just too graphic sometimes, and I have to say this was pretty tame. Provided you don’t mind reading "shot through the head" many times, you’ll be fine. This was an ok novel. I only had the large print of the novel from the library, and I don’t know if that affected my reading of it. However, McCarthy, at least in this book, did not use quotes. Everytime someone says something, it’s either a quick line, or just thrown into the paragraph. Sometimes hard to go with. Ending was Ok. 6/10.   posted Apr 26, 2007 at 11:55PM

Cover ArtKagemusha [DVD] = The shadow warrior
by Kurosawa, Akira
My lord, Kurosawa loves making long movies. The problem is, they are really good. I guess Kurosawa wasn’t making movies for a while, but all the time he was painting, and after that he started work on this movie with the helping hands of george lucas and oliver stone. You can almost see the influence from the painting, because there are many shots that are just one camera no switch scenes. There are some beautiful images. Worth the look if you have three hours to kill. But the ending took too long. Reminded me of the Lord of the Rings "Let’s take all seven endings and use them" idea. 8/10.   posted Apr 17, 2007 at 5:47PM

Cover ArtA Confederacy of dunces
by John Kennedy Toole
Toole killed himself after this book wasn’t picked up for the first time he sent it out to publishers. I believe it was published posthumously by the family or something. (Same thing goes for the book he wrote when he was like sixteen, called The Neon Bible.) However, this is a great novel. The only reason publishers were afraid to take it was because there is a lot of what would seem is making fun of the people of the southern states (I think this is based somewhere around the same place Mardi Gras is held.) Either way, Ignatius Reilly is the main protagonist of the story, and he is likened to Shakespeare’s Falstaff, a character who is always trying to get out of the hard work of life. It’s really good. 8/10.   posted Apr 17, 2007 at 5:39PM

Cover ArtTalk radio [DVD]
by Bogosian, Eric
Quite good. Not based after, but very reminiscent of Howard Stern’s style of shock radio. Actually a bit more extreme, because Stern is more about sex, and this dealt more with racism and prejudice. Good acting pretty much throughout. With the angry John McGinley from Scrubs (I think that’s his name). making a guest appearance. Check it out. worth the rent. 8/10.   posted Apr 9, 2007 at 7:35PM

Cover ArtSquat
by Taylor Field
Pretty good writing. Enough to keep you reading. I feel that the author really is holding back on the human language to make it readable for anyone. Because honestly, if we are talking about squatters and the homeless, they are bound to use a few curse words here and there. I’m halfway through the book right now, and haven’t seen one. But it doesn’t detract at all. I believe the author is a missionary or minister, or some other "M" word, and so he steps kind of lightly through the plot. But the characters are well defined in my opinion. I just wish there was a bit more colorful language. Maybe I’m just too used to it. My roommate curses a lot. 7/10.   posted Apr 4, 2007 at 4:37PM

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