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Cover ArtThe tale of Despereaux: being the story of a mouse, a princess, some soup, and
by DiCamillo, Kate
I think it was great book full of adventure kate Di Camillo is a great writer.   posted May 25, 2004 at 11:00AM

Cover ArtThe miserable mill
by Snicket, Lemony
I have read the first 4 books of this series and am truely intrigued by this series. These four books keep you guessing as to what the unfortunate event will befall on the 3 orphans next. This is a must read series for anybody. I am on to read number 5. [Series: A Series of Unfortunate Events]   posted Jul 19, 2005 at 3:18PM

Cover ArtThe ghost of Fossil Glen
by DeFelice, Cynthia C.
This is one of the best books I've ever read. This book is going for the Maud Hart Lovelace award. You should read this book if you like ghost stories.   posted May 9, 2006 at 11:08AM

Cover ArtWhat's eating Gilbert Grape?
by Hedges, Peter
Although it was made into a movie, this book is truly worth your time. The story is unlike any other book I have ever read, and the way it's presented is unforgettable.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtThe picture of Dorian Gray
by Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900
Excellent! It's about a man who sells his soul to the devil so he can remain forever young, and how his sanity deminishes. Terrifying, wonderful writing, great story, and intriguing characters.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtThe giver
by Lowry, Lois
This book was awesome, it was spine chilling, and suspencful, it was one of the best books I have ever read!   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtAuntie Mame
by Dennis, Patrick, 1921-1976
Great book--sparked a musical and a movie. It's about an orphan boy, and his eccentric Auntie Mame who takes him in. Set during the Great Depression.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtBoth sides of time
by Cooney, Caroline B.
It's sometimes just a little weird, but once you start you start reading it you can't stop, if you like this book you should read its sequal, Out of Time.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtOut of time
by Cooney, Caroline B.
This book was not quite as good as its prequel, Both Sides of Time, but it was still very suspencful, and hard to put down   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtA child called "it" : an abused child's journey from victim to victor
by Pelzer, David J.
Very, very tough subject to conquer: child abuse. Mr. Pelzer goes into great detail on his experiences. I was disgusted with all he had to go through, however, it's amazing how far he's come.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtPrisoner of time
by Cooney, Caroline B.
It was dissapointing, it's about Strat sister Devonny, and Annie's brother Todd falling in love,but it was alright, Strat and Annie don't take any part in this book though.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtSomeone like you
by Dessen, Sarah
This is the second of the two books that make up the new movie "How To Deal." From what I can tell, this book makes up the most of the plot, and it's not a very good one. Read it if you want to see what the movie's about, but don't expect any deep revelations.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtI know why the caged bird sings
by Angelou, Maya
A beautifully written autobiography, about Ms. Angelou's experiences growing up black during WWI and WWII.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtBreaking rank
by Randle, Kristen D.
This book is sort of a take on Romeo and Juliet--but what if the Montagues and Capulets found out what their children were doing before they died? There's only one problem with this format: it's been overdone.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtConfessions of a teenage drama queen
by Sheldon, Dyan
Could not put it down! It's a funny book, that reminds me a bit of my own life. The characters are intriguing. You must read this book!   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtAngus, thongs and full-frontal snogging : confessions of Georgia Nicolson
by Rennison, Louise
This book is a major hit with the girls at my school. And it's no wonder: It's very well written, it's funny, it's realistic. A very great book. Also read the rest in the series.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtA wrinkle in time.
by L'Engle, Madeleine
A nice fantasy novel. It conquers some deep issues about reality and time, so that even though it is aimed at children, teenagers can find it equally entertaining.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtTeen angst? Naaah-- a quasi-autobiography
by Vizzini, Ned, 1981-
Very funny! Reminds me of my own experiences in high school. It's a collection of short stories about Jr. High through Sr. High.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtRevolutionary voices : a multicultural queer youth anthology
by Sonnie, Amy
Excellent. We think that all gay people are like the characters portrayed in Will & Grace--white men in their thirties. The poetry, prose, and artwork in this anthology is excellent and strikingly real. All ethnic backgrounds are represented; all different types of queer lifestyles are portrayed firsthand by the people who experience them.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtSoul searching : a girl's guide to finding herself
by Stillman, Sarah, 1984-
I absolutely loved this book. This summer I decided to do a project looking at myself and why so many people fall in cliques and such and how I can help me to find my true self. Well this book totally told me what I can do, places to go, techniques to use, etc. I would recommend this book to anyone who decided that they don't just want to be a number or a type, they want to be a person.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtFargo rock city : a heavy metal odyssey in rural North Dakota
by Klosterman, Chuck, 1972-
A book dedicated to 80's heavy metal. The author focuses on the bands that shaped the metal movement, but he also talks about his experiences in a small town in North Dakota.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtThe two princesses of Bamarre
by Levine, Gail Carson
I read this book over Christmas Break and couldn't put it down, honestly! It is about two sisters (because I have a sister it was easy to realate) who loved each other so much that they sacrafiesed their time together to try to save ones life. Now I can't say the ending and if it turned out but I can say that if you like princesses and castles and adventures than I know you should read it this book!   posted Jan 11, 2005

Cover ArtWhen lightning strikes
by Carroll, Jenny
These stories are about a psychic teenager, and her adventures finding people. Silly at times, but thoroughly enjoyable light reading. [Series: 1-800-WHERE-R-YOU #1]   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtThe sisterhood of the traveling pants
by Brashares, Ann
I would put this into the same category as books like "The Princess Diaries," so if you liked that, chances are you'll love this one. I, however, found it dull and stupid. The characters have no depth to them whatsoever.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtRazzle
by Wittlinger, Ellen
A unique story, about a boy who moves to Cape Cod from Chicago, and meets an unusual girl, who then becomes the subject for photos. Nice story, although it kind-of follows the basic outline of a teen novel.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtThe secret life of bees
by Kidd, Sue Monk
Okay. Sort of long and tedious at times, and I felt it hard to feel for the characters, but an okay book overall. Takes place on a bee farm in the 1950's and tells the story of a white 15-year-old girl and how she rooms with four black women.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtRainbow boys
by Sanchez, Alex, 1957-
Do not be fooled by the cover--this book does not take place in the 80's. It's a book about three gay teenagers, and the problems they have to face, like comming out to their parents, dealing with harassment, and the struggle of starting a gay-straight alliance at their school. Okay book, however, it didn't keep my attention very well.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtOne-hit wonder
by Jewell, Lisa
A one-hit wonder from the 80's dies, and her half-sister tries to find out why. The sister soon finds out a lot about her untouchable sister's life. This book gets a bit tedious at times.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtTwelve : a novel
by McDonell, Nick
What I liked most about this book, is that the situations and feelings expressed are so real to what real teenagers face even here in Minnesota. This is probably because it was written by a 17-year-old.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtLullaby : a novel
by Palahniuk, Chuck
A novel by the author of "Fight Club" about a man who is researching SIDS, when he comes across a fatal curse in the way of children's literature, that when said or even thought at anyone, would cause whoever it was said/thought at to die.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtDiary of a teenage girl : an account in words and pictures
by Gloeckner, Phoebe
Brilliant! A great book. It's literally about drugs, sex, and rock-n-roll in the 70's. The book takes on many formats: letters, diary, poetry, comics, and art. A warning: not for the faint of heart.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtMy perfect life
by Sheldon, Dyan
Continuation of "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen." Not as good as the original--this book fails to deliver.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtAll-American girl
by Cabot, Meg
I have one thing to say about this book: Once in her life, can Meg Cabot write something even semi-realistic? While I'm a fan of her books, this is a far-out concept, and not a very good concept at that. It's about a girl who saves the president's life, therefore ensuring her mass popularity within our nation. I thought the book was stupid, but entertaining.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtDrowning Anna
by Mayfield, Sue.
The woman who wrote this book claims that she did "reserach" on the topic expressed in this book--mainly harrassment and teasing. However, having been through the situation myself, I thought the character of Anna came off as being very emotional, and not very realistic. The teasing done by Hayley is petty.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtCatch me if you can : the amazing true story of the youngest and most daring con
by Abagnale, Frank W., 1948-
A fun and astonishing book. If you've seen the movie, you've only gotten half of the story. Frank Abagnale is a criminal genious!   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtBorn confused
by Desai Hidier, Tanuja
Okay. I had hoped for more from this book--but that doesn't mean you shouldn't read it. It's sort of a "Bend It Like Beckham" minus football, and taking place in New Jersey/NYC   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtFirst French kiss and other traumas
by Bagdasarian, Adam
Very well written. It covers all aspects of life--from family to friends, embarrassing situations to first makeout session. A really nice, thoughtful book.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtRed carpet diaries : confessions of a glamour boy
by Cojocaru, Steven.
Steven Cojocaru is a style rep. for People magazine. He does a weekly column about what stars are wearing, so on and so forth. And...why should we care about his autobiography? It's basically just a long list of celebrities.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtSecond helpings : a novel
by McCafferty, Megan
I was disgusted by this book. Not because it was dirty or anything--but because the author basically says that it's okay to fall into the peer pressures of popularity, sex, drinking, and drugs. It is a terrible role model, and the character shows no self-control.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtSex, drugs, and Cocoa Puffs : a low culture manifesto
by Klosterman, Chuck, 1972-
Very funny! This book is a collection of essays the author has written on many subjects facing pop culture: from cover bands, to reality, to newspapers, to internet pornography. A very thought-provoking, hilarious book.   posted Apr 9, 2004

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