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For Children
Simpson, Dana  Phoebe and her unicorn : a heavenly nostrils chronicle   (Sep 15)
Orsi, Tea  Disney Fairies 16 : The Pirate Fairy   (Sep 2)
Parent, Dan  Archie : Rockin’ the World   (Aug 27)
  Archie 1000 Page Comics Celebration   (Aug 27)
Archie Superstars  Archie Comics Spectacular : Party Time!   (Aug 27)
Kochalka, James.  Johnny Boo : Zooms to the Moon   (Aug 27)
Orchard, Eric  Maddy Kettle : The Adventure of the Thimblewitch   (Aug 27)
Rusch, Elizabeth  Muddy Max : The Mystery of Marsh Creek   (Aug 27)
Irvine, Alexander (Alexander C.)  Phase One - Captain America   (Aug 27)
Irvine, Alexander (Alexander C.)  Phase One - Iron Man   (Aug 27)
Morvan, Jean David  The Monkey God   (Aug 27)
  Archie 1000 page comics explosion   (Aug 21)
Fred, 1931-  Cast Away on the Letter A: a Philemon Adventure : Cast Away on the Letter a   (Aug 21)
Peirce, Lincoln  Big Nate’s Greatest Hits   (Aug 19)
Kirkman, Robert  Super Dinosaur 2   (Aug 14)
Kirkman, Robert  Super Dinosaur 3   (Aug 14)
Howard, Jason.  Super Dinosaur 4   (Aug 14)
Chantler, Scott  Pirates of Silver Coast   (Aug 6)
Kusaka, Hidenori  Pokemon Adventures 26   (Aug 1)
Torres, J.  Bigfoot boy. 3, The sound of thunder   (Jul 30)
Peyo  Smurf vs. Smurf   (Jul 30)
Pommaux, Yvan  Theseus and the Minotaur   (Jul 30)
Rogers, Bud  Manga Bible 7 : Death, Resurrection, and the Great Commission - The Gospels, Part 2-Acts, Part 1   (Jul 25)
Pinchuk, Tom  Max Steel. [Volume 3], Haywire   (Jul 25)
Luciani, Brigitte  Mr. Badger and Mrs. Fox 4 : Peace and Quiet   (Jul 25)
Yang, Gene Luen  The Rift   (Jul 25)
Yang, Gene Luen  Avatar the Last Airbender. The rift, part two   (Jul 22)
Luciani, Brigitte  Mr. Badger and Mrs. Fox. #5, The carnival   (Jul 21)
Puckett, Kelley.  Batman Adventures   (Jul 18)
Davis, Jim  Garfield 5   (Jul 15)
Caramagna, Joe  Amazing Spider-Man 5 : The Green Goblin Young Readers Novel   (Jul 11)
Caramagna, Joe  Avengers assemble. Vol. 2   (Jul 11)
Pearson, Luke  Hilda and the troll   (Jul 11)
Marvel Comics Group.  Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble 3   (Jul 11)
Marvel Comics Group.  Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man 7   (Jul 11)
Shanower, Eric.  Oz : Dorothy & the Wizard in Oz   (Jul 11)
Rodrigues, Paco  Angry Birds Comics 1 : Welcome to the Flock   (Jul 10)
Kibuishi, Kazu  Explorer 3 : The Hidden Doors   (Jul 10)
Gaiman, Neil  Hansel and Gretel   (Jul 10)
  Hello Kitty, Hello 40 : A 40th Anniversary Tribute   (Jul 10)
Brown, Jeffrey  Incredible Change-Bots Two Point Something Something   (Jul 10)
Price, Andy  My Little Pony Omnibus 1   (Jul 10)
Schulz, Charles M. (Charles Monroe)  Peanuts 4   (Jul 10)
Lindgren, Astrid  Pippi Won’t Grow Up   (Jul 10)
Sumida, Nick  Regular Show 2   (Jul 10)
  The Best of Archie Comics 1   (Jul 10)
Barks, Carl  The Ghost of the Grotto : Starring Walt Disney’s Donald Duck   (Jul 10)
Riordan, Rick  The Heroes of Olympus 1 : The Lost Hero   (Jul 10)
McDonnell, Patrick  The Mutts Diaries   (Jul 10)
Wertheim, L. Jon.  The Rookie Bookie   (Jul 10)
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