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For Children
Rogers, Bud  Manga Bible 7 : Death, Resurrection, and the Great Commission - The Gospels, Part 2-Acts, Part 1   (Jul 25)
Pinchuk, Tom  Max Steel 3 : Haywire   (Jul 25)
Luciani, Brigitte  Mr. Badger and Mrs. Fox 4 : Peace and Quiet   (Jul 25)
Yang, Gene Luen  The Rift   (Jul 25)
Yang, Gene Luen  Avatar: The Last Airbender : The Rift   (Jul 22)
Luciani, Brigitte  Mr. Badger and Mrs. Fox 5 : The Carnival   (Jul 21)
Puckett, Kelley.  Batman Adventures   (Jul 18)
Davis, Jim  Garfield 5   (Jul 15)
Caramagna, Joe  Amazing Spider-Man 5 : The Green Goblin Young Readers Novel   (Jul 11)
Pearson, Luke  Hilda and the Troll   (Jul 11)
Caramagna, Joe  Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble 2   (Jul 11)
Marvel Comics Group.  Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble 3   (Jul 11)
Marvel Comics Group.  Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man 7   (Jul 11)
Shanower, Eric.  Oz : Dorothy & the Wizard in Oz   (Jul 11)
Rodrigues, Paco  Angry Birds Comics 1 : Welcome to the Flock   (Jul 10)
Kibuishi, Kazu  Explorer 3 : The Hidden Doors   (Jul 10)
Gaiman, Neil  Hansel and Gretel   (Jul 10)
  Hello Kitty, Hello 40 : A 40th Anniversary Tribute   (Jul 10)
Brown, Jeffrey  Incredible Change-Bots Two Point Something Something   (Jul 10)
Price, Andy  My Little Pony Omnibus 1   (Jul 10)
Schulz, Charles M. (Charles Monroe)  Peanuts 4   (Jul 10)
Lindgren, Astrid  Pippi Won’t Grow Up   (Jul 10)
Sumida, Nick  Regular Show 2   (Jul 10)
  The Best of Archie Comics 1   (Jul 10)
Barks, Carl  The Ghost of the Grotto : Starring Walt Disney’s Donald Duck   (Jul 10)
Riordan, Rick  The Heroes of Olympus 1 : The Lost Hero   (Jul 10)
Wertheim, L. Jon.  The Rookie Bookie   (Jul 10)
Sakai, Stan.  The adventures of Nilson Groundthumper and Hermy   (Jul 7)
Uslan, Michael  Archie: The Married Life   (Jul 1)
Kupperberg, Paul  Archie: the Married Life 6   (Jul 1)
Kupperberg, Paul  The Death of Archie : A Life Celebrated   (Jul 1)
Giallongo, Zack  The Stratford Zoo Midnight Revue Presents Macbeth   (Jul 1)
Kanata, Konami  Chi’s Sweet Home 11   (Jun 30)
Barroux  Line of Fire : Diary of an Unknown Soldier   (Jun 30)
McNeil, Carla Speed  My Little Pony - Friends Forever 1   (Jun 26)
  Archie Giant Comics Digest   (Jun 19)
Baltazar, Art  Aw Yeah Comics! And... Action!   (Jun 19)
  Best of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 : Villains   (Jun 19)
Burks, James (James R.)  Bird & Squirrel on Ice   (Jun 19)
Herge´, 1907-1983  Prisoners of the Sun   (Jun 19)
  The Best of Archie Comics   (Jun 19)
Pope, Paul.  The Rise of Aurora West   (Jun 19)
Herge´, 1907-1983  The Seven Crystal Balls   (Jun 19)
Coppe´e, Thierry  Toto Trouble 2 : A Deadly Jokester   (Jun 19)
Del Rio, Tania  Diary of a Girl Next Door: Betty   (Jun 11)
Monlongo, Jorge  Hello Kitty : Just Imagine   (Jun 11)
Eaton, Maxwell  The Flying Beaver Brothers and the Hot Air Baboons   (Jun 11)
Smith, Matt (Illustrator)  Barbarian lord   (Jun 10)
  Handling AMH Test Record : Book   (Jun 6)
Kusaka, Hidenori  Poke´mon adventures. 3   (Jun 6)
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