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Urban Crime and Suspense
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Cover Art: Kiss kiss, bang bang /
Kiss kiss, bang bang
Ashley, 1985-
"When a set-up goes wrong and Six finds herself sleeping with the enemy, who will she choose: the man she loves or the man she's supposed to hate?"--P. [4] of cover.
Adult Fiction ASHLEY
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Cover Art: Thug matrimony /
Thug matrimony
Clark, Wahida.
Angel, Jaz, Tasha, and Kyra are four girlfriends pulling themselves out of the ghetto--and trying to bring their hearts up to higher ground with them. Now Angel has started her own law practice and a new life with Kaylin, a drug dealer who's stepped out of the game to run a recycling business and hot new record label. But when an unwanted guest crashes their wedding, all the rage and bloodlust from the hood comes bustin' out--and Angel's gonna need every prayer in heaven to make it to the altar alive...
Adult Fiction CLARK
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Cover Art: Eldorado red /
Eldorado red
Goines, Donald, 1937-1974.
"Again, based on personal experience! When Donald Goines was discharged from the Air Force, he was addicted to heroin. To support his habit he staged the robbery of a number of local houses. And from that experience came Eldorado Red! It's the vicious story of crooks who get richer with the dollars of the ghetto poor. He's got it knocked; new cars, mellow women and plenty of money. Then he learns that treachery falls at the feet of his own son!"--P. [4] of cover.
Adult Fiction GOINES
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Cover Art: Inner city hoodlum /
Inner city hoodlum
Goines, Donald, 1937-1974.
Johnny Washington, a black teenager in Los Angeles, knows the freight yards like the back of his hand. He and his pals, Josh and Buddy, hit them often, stealing for a fence. They have to. They're the sole support of their families. But when Josh is killed by a security guard (who gets his brains scattered by Buddy with nunchaku sticks), they are forced to look for other work. They find it with the underworld kings in Elliot Davis. But when Davis recruits Johnny's sister for his stable and later OD's her, Johnny and Buddy come on with a vengeance.
Adult Fiction GOINES
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Cover Art: Savannah's curse /
Savannah's curse
Goss, Shelia M.
Straight-laced Savannah Blake's world is turned upside down when she finds her dad, Major Blake, shot on his lawn. Before he dies, he gives her a few clues to the identity of his killer. His dying request is "Protect your sisters." Montana and Asia are the only family Savannah has left, and she will fight to the end to save them. The pain of losing their father has Savannah obsessed with finding his killer. Savannah suspects someone from "The Agency," a secret government security operation where her father once worked, is behind his death. She enlists the help of Troy Bridges, the owner of a private security firm in Dallas. She doesn't necessarily trust him, but Savannah needs Troy because of his inside knowledge of The Agency. The chemistry between Savannah and Troy is electric, and only intensifies as the stakes get higher. They have no time to deal with their unresolved feelings, though, because the closer they get to the killer, the more dangerous things become--P. [4] of cover.
Adult Fiction GOSS
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Cover Art: Nasty girls /
Nasty girls
Gray, Erick S.
Camille, Jade, and Shy are best friends and have always had each other's backs. Jade and Shy's boyfriends, Roscoe and James, are partners in a lucrative drug business, but one night they get caught up in a shoot-out that goes horribly wrong. Shy's man, Roscoe, ends up in prison while James walks away clean, and things begin to fall apart between the girls. Jealousy, greed, revenge, and betrayal test the true bonds of friendship. Get ready, because these girls are about to take "nasty" to a whole new level.
Adult Fiction GRAY
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Cover Art: One dead preacher /
One dead preacher
Lindsay, Tony, 1959-
Things couldn't be better for security firm CEO David Price--until he meets sexy vixen Sugar Greer, a married woman with a dark history that she must hide and he vows to protect. Soon Price finds himself caught in a web of theft, abuse, and murder.
Adult Fiction LINDSAY
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Cover Art: Accident prone /
Accident prone
McGriff, Michelle
After receiving one million dollars from her late best friend Marcy's insurance policy, Lacy finds her quiet existence shattered as she is thrust into the spotlight--especially when it is revealed that Marcy was murdered.
Adult Fiction MCGRIFF
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Cover Art: Deep deception /
Deep deception
McKinney, Tina Brooks.
This exciting tale of romantic suspense demonstrates how greed and the love of money can twist people's perceptions--and that things aren't always as they seem.
Adult Fiction MCKINNE
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Cover Art: Color of justice /
Color of justice
Pridgen, J. Leon
"An intriguing story about half-brothers who reunite in the legal justice system - one as a prosecuting attorney and the other on Death Row - and a race against time for the young prosecutor to save his older brother's life. At the age of one, James is adopted by his paternal grandparents, who raise him as their own son, never telling him about his older half-brother or his real parents. Six-year-old Warren is left to his own devices. Twenty-seven years later, James is flourishing as a prosecuting attorney until an event leads him to discover his older half-brother. Warren is now on Death Row, two weeks away from execution for the rape and murder of a white woman. He is innocent, but can James do anything to save his brother's life before it's too late?"--P. [4] of cover.
Adult Fiction PRIDGEN
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Cover Art: Hidden secrets, hidden lives : a novel /
Hidden secrets, hidden lives : a novel
Pridgen, J. Leon
"After escaping a life of running dope by moving to a new city to attend college, Travis Moore has succeeded in hiding the secrets of his life. Now, twelve years later, he believes that he can return to the city of his youth without facing his past."-- p. [4] of cover.
Adult Fiction PRIDGEN
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Cover Art: Body Snatchers /
Body Snatchers
Haitian immigrant twin brothers, David and Jerry, relocate to New York after brutally murdering the son of an infamous drug lord. Major and King are the aliases that the twins assume after forming the Body Snatchers. This group of Haitian men form a ruthless team with no boundaries and dedicate themselves to a life of crime on the streets of New York.
Adult Fiction ROZE
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Cover Art: No more time-outs /
No more time-outs
Slater, Thomas
Thomas Slater’s latest novel is a non-stop ride of entertaining drama with suspenseful plot-twists and pulse-pounding action--from unholy corruption inside a church sanctuary to the insidious figures that lurk in the shadows of the dangerous city-streets. Wisdom Jones has made a deal with the Devil. Purchase price of a kidney: his life. But this Devil isn’t the malicious spirit who’s the total embodiment of evil: this one’s human, the CEO of the biggest drug operation ever established inside of Detroit city limits, and rumored to dabble in the black market for human organs. Though the tab may be staggering, no cost is too steep for the life of Wisdom’s precious mother. Her dying wish is to see her disobedient family restored to their once proper alignment with God. She lays her hand on her only responsible son’s head and makes him swear the oath. Wisdom isn’t ready to honor a dying wish. What good would it do to restore his mother’s health if stress from her wayward family delivered her right back to death’s doorstep? The Devil gives Wisdom a week to give his mother one more present: the gift of restoring her family back to its rightful splendor. No More Time-Outs follows Wisdom Jones while he prowls the dangerous streets in pursuit of reformation. The clock is running and there’re absolutely&no more time-outs!
Adult Fiction SLATER
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Cover Art: Between friends /
Between friends
Sparks, D. L.
A drug bust gone wrong brings D.E.A. agent Orlando Trip Spencer back to his hometown of Atlanta after being gone for years and he s not the only one unhappy about the return. Idalis Arrington and Trip have been best friends since they were little and or nobody could come between them, that s until she meets Lincoln Briscoe. With Trip back in town Idalis' perfect world starts to get messy as she finds herself praying that her best friend's visit is a short one. But the question is can she hold it together or will the sound of the skeletons in her own closet drown out what she s convinced herself has been the truth all these years? Lincoln "Linc" Briscoe, a Lieutenant with the Atlanta Police Department, knows he has a lot at stake and his girl's best friend or not he refuses to let anyone, especially Trip Spencer, jeopardize what he's worked so hard to gain. Will Trip and Lincoln be able to avoid the collision course they've been on all these years or will they collide and explode, taking down everyone, including their careers, in their wake? Can Idalis handle the pressure brought on by Trip and Lincoln's animosity or will she crack revealing her own shortcomings?, veiwed December 30, 2011.
Adult Fiction SPARKS
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Cover Art: The lies that bind /
The lies that bind
Sparks, D. L.
Sparks delivers an emotionally charged, explosive novel about a woman who finds herself caught in a dangerous affair that is destined to destroy her life as she knows it.
Adult Fiction SPARKS
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Cover Art: Playing dirty /
Playing dirty
Swinson, Kiki.
Playing dirty is a skill that Yoshi Lomax has perfected. By bribing cops and officials, sleeping with her boss, and convincing her friend in the DEA to make evidence disappear, Yoshi has become a top criminal defense attorney. And she has the multi-million-dollar Miami pad and Aston Martin to prove it. But when she takes the case of bad ass Haitian mob boss Sheldon Chisholm, her usual way of doing business, by any means necessary, doesn't work. Someone has gotten to the people on her payroll and an unknown enemy is sabotaging her every move. With the list of people she can depend on dwindling, Yoshi's got to toughen up if she's going to survive.--P. [4] of cover.
Adult Fiction SWINSON
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Cover Art: Party girl : a novel /
Party girl : a novel
Tucker, Pat.
"Twenty-nine-year-old Hope Donovan never pulled the trigger. But a simple choice landed her behind bars, and on Texas' Death Row. Hope accepted a ride from two neighborhood thugs. She was stunned when they were pulled over and all were arrested for a deadly convenience store robbery. Her case was quickly catapulted to an international platform and became a symbol in the heated debate over capital punishment. Everyone weighed in, but when mistakes from her past were dug up, the world was suddenly riveted and confused by two conflicting images of the young mother. How long would you wait? Brendon Donovan stood by his wife after her arrest. He took out a second mortgage on their house and wiped out the family's savings. But as Hope's case dragged on, he was forced to consider other options.How far would you go? Chastity and Hope have shared a tumultuous past. But their rivalry took a backseat when it came time to care for Hope's children. Years later, as Hope's chances of survival began to look grim, Chastity was torn. The feelings she developed for Hope's husband, Brendon, threw her loyalty and motives into question."
Adult Fiction TUCKER
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Cover Art: Black Diamond /
Black Diamond
Williams, Brittani.
"Diamond and Mica have been best friends since grade school and have always watched each other's backs. Afte Mica moves out of their drug-infested neighborhood, they have a scandalous falling out and lose touch. It isn't until Diamond hooks up with Kemp Lo (one of North Philly's most notorious drug dealers) that she's able to leave the hood. Under extreme circumstances, Mica and Diamond meet up and are back on the map as Laverne and Shirley of the ghetto. Unfortunately, both women have ulterior motives for rekindling their friendship. The two plot to get rid of Kemp and hit the road with his fortune, but one of them has her own sinister plan that could leave the other staring death in the eye."--p. [4] of cover.
Adult Fiction WILLIAM
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