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Contributed by MikeG     |    Comment on this list     |     389 views

40 days [sound recording]
I did not think I liked folk music before I heard the Wailin' Jennys. This trio of voices is enchanting.
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All that you can't leave behind [sound recording]
Yes, I still like U2. If Ronald Reagan gets credit for tearing down the Berlin Wall, does Bono get credit for freeing Aung San Suu Kyi?
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Country, God or the girl [sound recording]
Forgive me, K'Naan, for liking your music. One boring, old guy in the audience could ruin your reputation as an angry young man carelessly tossing around the "N" word. I just have to listen to a kid who can survive the war zone and write a song like "The Wall."
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Elephonic rhapsodies [sound recording].
Everybody loves the dolphins. They have smooth, rounded features and voices that can imitate children. How is one to love an elephant, with a tough skin and a broken-trumpet voice? Giving them the instruments to express themselves in sounds that we recognize is a start, and there is potential to enhance this communication through collaboration with human orchestras and—my favorite—throat singers, but I would hope that our goal as a species is to broaden our understanding so that we may appreciate the beauty of these animals in their own language.
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Requiem, K. 626 [compact disc]
Why wait for your funeral to hear this beautiful music? If you start practicing now, you will be able to sing on key when the angels come.
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Rough guide to Arabic revolution [sound recording].
Back in the 20th century, revolutions had slogans, such as Lenin's "Peace, land and bread." Or was it, "Blood, soil and power?" Succeding revolutions acquired fashion accessories, such as Muammar Qaddafi's sunglasses. In the new century, revolutions have soundtracks, like this one. It is actually a sign of progress, not banality, because music can accomplish change with less bloodshed.
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Tassili 10:1 [sound recording]
Volkswagen would like to think that the $45,000 Touareg can transform your urban commute into an exotic safari. The rest of us can listen to Tinariwen in our Ford Escorts. In fact, you could learn their language, live with the people for a month and still have enough money to buy a Toyota Highlander, which is a better vehicle anyway. I took option #2. Having misplaced my Tamashek phrase book, I relied on the liner notes to translate the lyrics and discovered that the singers have concerns similar to yours and mine--the concerns that we would have if our Ford Escorts were commandeered for an ethnic war in the Sahara Desert. If you opt for the real safari, you might want to order your VW with armor plating.
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