Roosevelt Library Renovation: Community Discussion Questions

On Jun 15, Kelli Koob wrote:
The following questions were discussed at the community meeting on June 14 at the Sibley Park Recreation Center.

If you were not able to attend the meeting or have additional comments, please complete the document below and email it to Kelli Koob at kkoob@hclib.org . Reponses can also be submitted by clicking on Post a comment below.

Why do you come to the Roosevelt Library?

What do you do when you get to the library?

What features of the current library do you like?

What features/activities would make you visit the library more often?

What services/building features would attract people who don’t visit the library now?

In order to incorporate feedback into the next community meeting,  we appreciate receiving feedback by Wednesday, June 22, 2011.


On Jun 15 at 4:07 PM, J Smith wrote:
I wish for a brighter, modern, larger, accessible space with comfortable seating, and separated areas for various tasks, similar to the layout of the new Nokomis library.

On Jun 15 at 6:04 PM, Tesha wrote:
I'd love to see more spots for bicycles, especially bikes with trailers. The racks that are there are in hot demand.

On Jun 15 at 8:42 PM, Christine F. wrote:
Several years ago I voted to increase my property taxes in order to have improved neighborhood libraries. Meetings were held and plans were made to decide to renovate Roosevelt or move it to a site on the corner of 23rd Ave and 38th st. Then the downtown library and other costs caused the merging of the MPLS and Hennepin library system. So here we are again. I am VERY happy that their are not plans for Roosevelt to be closed. I live about 9 blocks away and love that I can walk to this library. I like that I can order anything in the county and pick it up at Roosevelt. I also like the history that it is a 'Carnegie' library that has its own charm (built in the 1920's like the HS across the street. That being said, it could be bigger and better laid out. Bathrooms on the main floor would be nice for all ages. The windows are very tall but are ften half covered with window shades which decrease the amount of ambient light. Ditto having more bike racks as mentioned above.

On Jun 16 at 3:46 PM, Angie wrote:
I see the current library as being used mostly by kids, which is great. I typically use it for picking up inter-library loan items, and the public bathroom. I was hoping that with the new sidewalks, they would add ramp access to the front. Main floor bathrooms would also contribute to being more handicap accessible than it is now. More bike parking and possibly a second self-checkout station (esp if the librarians are pushing to use that) would be helpful. Personally, I like being checked out by a human since I get book recommendations that way, but I understand the staffing limitations.

On Jun 16 at 3:51 PM, Molly wrote:
1. Improved access into the building, such as a ramp. 2. Meeting room space 3. The children's and teen area is good, there seems to be some wasted space around the tables in that area. More seating please. 3. Improved computers and areas around computers 4. Attention to the history of the building, including the connection to Gratia Countryman and the neighborhood.

On Jun 17 at 2:05 AM, Tim Bonham wrote:
Nice features are the historic nature of the building, the aged wood bookshelves, the tall, old-fashioned windows, the appropriate 'library' atmosphere (except for that ugly, jarring metal magazine rack). Needs -- first is more space! Also an improvement to the noise in the library, especially in the computers section and from tutoring done out in middle of the library. Some comfortable places to read are needed, but who would use them as noisy as it is now? Less tolerance for gang-banger behavior by the high school students would help with that. Added features could include a meeting room (that could be downstairs) and it could also be used for tutoring and story reading sessions. Additional bathrooms would be nice, but I don't think we have the space for them. Books are more important. The lawn in front is very little used. Possibly more bike racks could go there. And how about some seating out there for reading -- benches or picnic table type seating? The Scholz's house next door has been for sale for about 8 months now. Buy that, move it, put the parking here, and expand the library in the back out to the alley.

On Jun 21 at 4:03 PM, Dan Fehler wrote:
Restrooms on the main floor (reduce/remove off-street parking if necessary). Meeting room space on main floor, but only if library hours allow for regular meetings to be held. Shelves for Children's books no higher than a child can reach. Remove "Iron Fence" and open the lawn to lounging, with exterior furniture/art.

On Jun 21 at 8:12 PM, Lis wrote:
More seating for patrons and space for the librarians to work, it looks messy around the main desk. Updated bathrooms on the main floor would be great. Much of the furniture and shelving seems rather old. I am sure it would brighten up the library to have new built-in shelving. Also, it seems like the windows could be brighter. I can't picture in my mind right now what seems to make them dark. I like the ideas of some of the other patrons to expand the space. But non of this is totally necessary, mostly I am grateful to have a library within walking distance; I live 9 blocks away. Proximity is key!

On Jun 23 at 8:06 AM, Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew wrote:
My daughter and I walk to Roosevelt once a week--I LOVE our library, and love the idea that it can become more accessible. I do miss a head librarian, though, who can serve as a welcoming presence and who gives book suggestions. Please remember that humans make the library accessible, too!

On Jun 28 at 9:31 AM, Clay Kimber wrote:
How about a quiet study area?

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