OF APRIL 25, 2007

The Hennepin County Library Board met Wednesday, April 25, 2007 at the Ridgedale Library.

Present: David Pratt, Cynthia Steinke, Therese VanBlarcom, Holly Guncheon, Claudia Kelly, and Patricia Izek
Library Staff: Lois Langer Thompson, Sharon Charles, Judy Hohmann, Mary Anderson, Mary Steinbicker, Maureen Buss, Judith Friedrich, Carla Biermaier, David Cramer, Bill Berg, and Char Sohlberg
Public: Andy Pearson, Casey Pearson, and Kelly Pearson

Patricia Izek, Vice President called the Hennepin County Library Board Meeting of April 25, 2007 to order at 5:05 p.m. and welcomed all attendees.

Char Sohlberg indicated a change to the agenda. Library Board recognition of the Brookdale Friends of the Library and Brooklyn Center Lions will occur at the May 16, 2007 Library Board meeting. Therese VanBlarcom moved to revise the agenda, which was seconded by Claudia Kelly. Motion passed. A motion to approve the revised agenda was made by Claudia Kelly, seconded by Cynthia Steinke. Motion was approved.

Claudia Kelly moved approval of the minutes of the March 28, 2007 Library Board meeting, Ms. VanBlarcom seconded the motion which was approved.

No comment.

  • April 15-21, 2007 is a special week as we recognize the efforts and contributions of nearly 1,000 Hennepin County Library volunteers and 2,700 Friends of the Library. In 2006, over 51,000 hours of service were contributed. Their work is recognized and sincerely appreciated.
  • The Library Board recognized three Golden Valley Library volunteers Andy, Casey and Kelly Pearson, who were recently nominated by Youth Services Librarian, Mary Steinbicker and won the 2007 Caring Youth Award. The award, from the cities of Golden Valley, Hopkins and Minnetonka in conjunction with the Hopkins and Minnetonka school districts, was presented on March 22, 2007. On behalf of the Board, Ms. Izek acknowledged how busy youth are today and expressed her sincere appreciation for their commitment and many contributions to Hennepin County Library customers and staff.
Cynthia Steinke: attended the Senior Advisory Committee chaired by Margaret Gillespie. Formed to explore how well we are serving customers age 55+, the group is working on developing a book group that focuses on reading "the classics." Efforts will be made to collaborate with the University of Minnesota's Continuing Education Group and area senior centers.
Holly Guncheon: has been actively working with the Library Foundation of Hennepin County on Pen Pals and in other areas. She also planned to attend the Years of Service Brunch for library staff on April 26, 2007.
David Pratt: has worked on a variety of issues with the Library Foundation and will also attend the staff brunch. Mr. Pratt attended a Friends of the Minneapolis Public Library meeting where Roger Hale presented an update on Minneapolis Public Library's Advisory Committee's recommendations on merging with Hennepin County Library.
Claudia Kelly: as part of her orientation, she met with Gail Mueller-Schultz to learn more about the library collection and with Jane Johnson to get an overview of the Library Foundation of Hennepin County.
Therese VanBlarcom: was in California but remarked she was pleased the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners adopted a resolution to move forward with enabling legislation. She also expressed appreciation for e-mails from Amy Ryan on what is happening in the legislature and would like to be notified of upcoming hearings so Library Board members may attend.
Patricia Izek: also plans to attend the brunch for library staff. Ms. Izek also thanked staff for the opportunity to be a featured volunteer on the public home page. Her participation was well received by her students.

DIRECTOR'S REPORT - Lois Langer Thompson, Deputy Director
  • Hennepin County Library and Minneapolis Public Library proposed merger update
    The latest information from Amy Ryan has been forwarded to the Library Board and efforts to resolve labor issues continue. Enabling legislation has been introduced and is on the table. The end of the session is May 21, 2007.
  • Hennepin County Attorney Opinion on Bylaws
    The opinion was reviewed and discussed. Recommended changes are to be submitted to the County Attorney via the Library Director's Office. Mr. Pratt indicated he had several recommendations for changes and he will e-mail them to committee members, Ms. Izek and Ms. VanBlarcom.
Nominating Committee - David Pratt and Cynthia Steinke
The committee nominated the current slate of officers to continue in their roles - John Gibbs, President; Patricia Izek, Vice President; and Holly Guncheon, Secretary. Therese VanBlarcom moved approval of the nominations, Cynthia Steinke seconded the motion. The motion was approved.

2008 Budget Process and Balanced Scorecard - Lois Langer Thompson, Deputy Director
Ms. Thompson provided an overview of the 2008 Operating Budget request process from Hennepin County as distributed to the Library Board which included the Library's 2007 Balanced Scorecard Strategy Map. This year the request will start at 102.5% of the Property Tax Budget. A three percent reduction to the budget will also be developed that identifies line items to be reduced or eliminated. An add back list is also developed. All departments submit a budget that allocates resources with an emphasis on results that incorporate measurable Balanced Scorecard data. The May 16, 2007 Library Board meeting, will include a review, discussion and input from the Board for the 2008 Operating Budget request. Please note, the Hennepin County Library budget briefing for Hennepin County Board of Commissioners is tentatively set for October 29, 2007 at 1 p.m.

Discussion included questions about measurable outcomes and examples related to the use of technology, volunteer hours, and staff qualified to speak a language other than English to assist customers were provided. Ms. Guncheon asked if the financial portion of the 2007 Strategy Map referred to Foundation Support and the measurement. She felt it might be helpful to have a specific Foundation support piece in the Strategy Map that would set the tone or a bar which would be welcome and helpful to the Library Board and the Board of the Library Foundation. Ms. Thompson indicated she would communicate this to the members of the Balanced Scorecard Team. Ms. Steinke asked if a current list of staff who offer interpretive services and libraries with World Language collections could be provided to Board members. This information is available and will be shared. Mr. Pratt asked about the budget if a merger were to occur. This would probably be handled by a transition team to develop a different budget following the same County guidelines

Capital Projects Update
  • Maple Grove and Plymouth Libraries schematic designs are moving along with plans for services that incorporate 21st Century library opportunities. Both projects are on schedule.
  • Brooklyn Park architect approval is expected in the near future. This project is an opportunity to do a different type of library with outstanding information provided by the Brooklyn Park Task Force.
  • Feasibility studies are planned for Excelsior and Southdale this year. Meetings at Southdale have begun.
  • Westonka and Brooklyn Park "bridge projects" get underway in June. These are low-cost modifications in libraries with immediate needs that improve sight lines, define service areas, and refresh interiors prior to the start of scheduled major renovations.
Ms. Steinke moved to accept the donations that totaled $2,416.76 from the Friends of Excelsior, Hopkins and Maple Grove Libraries, seconded by Ms. VanBlarcom. Motion was approved.

There being no further business, the Library Board Meeting of April 25, 2007, was declared adjourned at 5:47 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled for Wed., May 16, 2007, 5 p.m., at the Ridgedale Library, 12601 Ridgedale Drive, Minnetonka, MN 55305.


Holly Guncheon, Secretary