Library Board Program Policy Committee
April 15, 2009

Meeting Summary
Library Board Members
Patricia Izek, President
Therese VanBlarcom, Vice President
John Pacheco, Secretary
John Gibbs
Holly Guncheon
Roger Hale
Jill Joseph
Claudia Kelly
Kathleen Lamb
David Pratt
Cynthia Steinke

Interim Library Director
Lois Langer Thompson


Attendees:          Library Board members Chair Cynthia Steinke and David Pratt; staff Judith Friedrich and Char Sohlberg


Welcome and Approvals

Chair Cynthia Steinke welcomed attendees and Claudia Kelly stopped in to say she had been called away unexpectedly. No official business was conducted due to lack of a quorum.



·         Two draft policies, the Lending (Circulation) Policy and Customer/Patron Use of Libraries Policy were discussed. These policies will be considered for approval at the Committee’s May meeting and then advanced to the full Library Board for adoption. The discussion of the Customer/Paton Use of Libraries Policy addressed the issue of loud conversations, libraries as gathering spaces and experience with customers' concerns

·         Judith Friedrich provided an update on research being conducted on the Meeting Room/Facility Use Policy. The discussion included: the impact on parking in buildings where large meetings are being held; the common library practice of using of caterers to support events, and the increased demand for gathering places within our communities. 

·         Judith Friedrich presented the initial review and comparison of the Internet Public Use policies currently in place 


Chair Cynthia Steinke concluded the meeting at 2:10 p.m.


Action Items

·         Staff will draft meeting summary for committee approval and develop/distribute agenda for next meeting Fri., May 22 at Ridgedale Administrative Offices, Director's Conference Room

·         Staff will continue the research required and prepare drafts of the Meeting Room/Facility Use Policy and the Internet Public Use Policy.



Char Sohlberg

Approved May 22, 2009