Library Board Budget & Finance Committee
May 7, 2009

Meeting Summary
Library Board Members
Patricia Izek, President
Therese VanBlarcom, Vice President
John Pacheco, Secretary
John Gibbs
Holly Guncheon
Roger Hale
Jill Joseph
Claudia Kelly
Kathleen Lamb
David Pratt
Cynthia Steinke

Library Director
Lois Langer Thompson


Attendees:      Library Board members:  Committee Chair Jill Joseph, Roger Hale and Kathleen Lamb

                       Staff:  Director Lois Langer Thompson, Nancy Palmer, Lois Lenroot-Ernt and Char Sohlberg



Welcome and Approvals

Chair Jill Joseph welcomed attendees.  Kathleen Lamb made a motion to approve the agenda; seconded by Roger Hale.  Motion passed.  Ms. Lamb made a motion to approve the meeting summary of April 16, 2009; seconded by Mr. Hale.  Motion passed.


2010-2014 Capital Budget Discussion

Library Director Lois Thompson explained Hennepin County's Capital Budget process for all departments and an overview of the roles and responsibilities of those involved including the Capital Budget Task Force (CBTF), which is a Hennepin County Board appointed citizen advisory group. The Library Board participates in the development of the library capital plan and priority list.  In order to be involved with overall priorities committee members requested a greater dept of knowledge of the process.


Currently County Administrator Richard Johnson's recommended changes to the 2009 annual Capital Budget are being reviewed by the County Board.  The modifications adopted by the County Board will impact the current Capital Improvement Plan which covers 2009-2013. The next step for County Departments is to submit a recommendation for the 2010-2014 Capital Improvement Plan. The value and importance of the existing plans (Framework for the Future and Outlook 2010) was noted along with the complexities of the current economic environment along with the increased size of system, additional funding streams, debt retirement objectives, etc. which have mandated or significantly contributed toward the need for the long-range plan to change. Discussion followed.


The Library's Capital Plan Discussion Document will be updated to include all libraries with the understanding this document is flexible and must be reviewed frequently as projects and priorities are subject to change for a variety of reasons. The Library Board Executive Committee will be queried on which Committee should be assigned to assist in the development of the Capital Budget priorities list. If assigned to the Budget & Finance Committee, at the June 11, 2009 meeting, they will review staff recommendations based on the evaluation criteria and review the list of priorities to be endorsed by the full Library Board. 


Action Items

·         Next meeting date confirmed, Thurs., June 11 from noon-2 p.m., Central Library Doty Board Room; lunch provided.

·         Staff will provide a preliminary draft of the recommended prioritized list, a more detailed timeline; criteria used by the CBTF to decide within the same framework they use, and additional documentation as needed prior to the meeting.

·         Director Lois Thompson will ask members of the Executive Committee about the Capital Budget assignment.

·         The meeting summary of April 16, 2009 will be distributed to the full Board at their meeting on May 27, 2009.

·         Draft meeting summary will be forwarded to members to be approved at their next meeting.




Char Sohlberg

Approved June 11, 2009