Library Board Budget & Finance Committee
December 7, 2009

Meeting Summary
Library Board Members
Therese VanBlarcom, President
Claudia Kelly, Vice President
John Pacheco, Secretary
Brandi Brown
John Gibbs
Holly Guncheon
Sandy Johnson
Jill Joseph
Kathleen Lamb
David Pratt
Cynthia Steinke

Library Director
Lois Langer Thompson


Attendees:           Library Board Committee members:  Committee Chair Jill Joseph, Kathleen Lamb and Brandi Brown; also in attendance John Pacheco.  Staff:  Nancy Palmer and Char Sohlberg


Welcome and Approvals

Chair Joseph called the meeting to order at 4:32 p.m. Kathleen Lamb made a motion to approve the agenda; seconded by Brandi Brown. Motion passed. Ms. Lamb made a motion to approve the meeting summary of Oct. 12, 2009; seconded by Ms. Brown. Motion passed.


2010 Library Operating Budget Request Amendments

Committee members discussed Commissioner Opat's comments on the merger process and condition of library buildings. Information on the status of the Library's revised capital plan was requested. Future Budget & Finance Committee meetings will address issues raised.


Operations Division Manager Nancy Palmer reviewed amendments that impact the Library's budget request. 

·      Administrator amendment No. 4 recognizes state grant funding earmarked for environmental and cultural preservation.  Projects financed by this "Legacy" funding are to support the state's interests in the arts, cultural heritage, MN history and literacy. 

·      Administrator Amendment No. 20 adjusts all county department budgets consistent with updated wage and health insurance information.  Agreements between Hennepin County Labor Relations Dept. and AFSCME bargaining units were reached. In addition, final agreements on health insurance rates resulted in savings from initial estimates.

Discussion followed the summary of the amendments. Committee members recognized the need for an updated capital plan. Preparation is needed in the event additional budget reductions are required in 2009 should Governor Pawlenty decide to unallocate County Program Aid.  That decision must be made prior to Dec. 26, 2009, when the aid payments are made. Discussion included a need to plan for the impact of additional reductions in 2010 as HCL opens new libraries in Plymouth and Maple Grove and expands hours at Central Library.  Ms. Lamb asked for a breakdown of Legacy Funding for metro area library systems (allocated through MELSA).


2010 Library Board Budget & Finance Committee Meeting Schedule

Future meetings were discussed and John Pacheco suggested a Committee of the Whole meeting be scheduled to address budget considerations/priorities.  Chair Joseph scheduled three meetings of the Budget & Finance Committee in January and February: before Executive Committee meetings Mondays, Jan. 4, 3:30-4:30 p.m. and Feb. 8, 3:30-4:30 p.m. at Ridgedale Library (to be confirmed pending Mr. Pacheco's discussion with President VanBlarcom); and before Library Board Meeting Wed., Feb. 24, 4-5 p.m. at Brookdale Library.



Ms. Lamb made a motion to adjourn the Library Board Budget & Finance Committee meeting at 5:25 p.m.; seconded by Ms. Brown.  Motion passed.


Action Items

·      Next LB Budget & Finance meeting date: Mon., Jan. 4, 2010, 3:30-4:30 p.m. Ridgedale Library (to be confirmed).

·      Mr. Pacheco will contact President VanBlarcom re: changing the location of Jan./Feb. Executive Committee meetings from Ridgedale to Central Library and inform Chair Joseph of the decision (adding Budget & Finance Committee meeting one hour before each).

·      Staff follow-up: 

o     Status report of capital plan

o     2010 Library Budget pie charts needed to compare with similar charts done in 2009

o     Provide information to Library Board on Legacy funding allocations for metro area library systems

o     Confirm and communicate location of January and February committee meetings to Library Board and staff

o     Draft Dec. 7 meeting summary will be forwarded to Chair to be approved at the next committee meeting


Approved Feb. 24, 2010