Hennepin County Library

Athenaeum Committee Meeting Summary

April 16, 2008



Committee Members     Chair David Pratt, Roger Hale, Kathleen Lamb, Cynthia Steinke from

Present:                        Hennepin County Library Board and Deputy Library Director

                                    Lois Thompson (for Library Director Amy Ryan); Sharon Charles and

                                    Char Sohlberg, staff




David Pratt distributed and reviewed background information on the Minneapolis Athenaeum.


Committee members expressed support for key members of the Minneapolis Athenaeum to meet with them and tour the Athenaeum collection and vault.


Next steps

·         A meeting and tour of the Athenaeum collection and vault will be scheduled with the Library Board Athenaeum Committee and key members of the Minneapolis Athenaeum after

May 2, 2008.




Char Sohlberg
April 22, 2008