OF FEBRUARY 25, 1998

The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, February 25, 1998, at the Augsburg Park Community Library.

PRESENT: Marilyn Jackson, President
Jack Cole
Richard Mueller
Carol Walsh
J.L. (Bob) Zaragoza

LIBRARY STAFF ATTENDING: C.Brown, T.Bonner, S.Charles, D.Cramer, L.Engberg, J.Kinney, R.Byrne, A.Eccles, J.Fabio, D.Kalinka, C.Muchow, V.Oeljen, M.Swatosh, M.Turner, C.Ahrens, B. Berg.

GUESTS: Mary White (Office of Budget and Finance/Henn. County)
Linda Ferber, Friends President
Mayor Marty Kirsch, Richfield
Councilmember Russ Susag, Richfield

President Jackson called the meeting to order and welcomed all guests.

Motion was made by J. Cole to approve the January 28, 1998 meeting minutes; seconded by B.Zaragoza; motion passed.

Mayor Marty Kirsch and Councilmember Russ Susag welcomed the Library Board to Richfield. Mayor Kirsch appreciated the opportunity to address the Library Board, commented on outstanding work of Vicki Oeljen, noted the great partnership between the Library and the City of Richfield. Councilmember Susag extended his welcome and noted that he represents the 2nd Ward which includes the Library.

Vicki Oeljen, Augsburg Park Librarian, reviewed information about Richfield--an inner ring suburb. There is a growing minority population and a large senior population with greater use of large print materials. From 1980 to 1997, even though the population decreased slightly and staffing stayed the same, library circulation has increased by 62%. Both the Friends group and Volunteers are very active and important to the success of the Augsburg Park Library.


J. Cole reviewed policy principles as outlined in a recent edition of the publication NONPROFIT BOARD REPORT.

Because there was a quorum present at the Feb. 11, 1998 meeting, motion to approve the minutes was necessary; motion to approve was made by M. Jackson, seconded by D. Mueller; motion passed.

Services to Groups Policy: will be revised to include a Readmobile statement; for April Library Board review.

Programming Policy: to Library Board for approval by January 1999.

Library Board Gift Policy: need a policy accepting all gifts; referred to staff to work on policy; for April Policy Committee meeting.

New policies:
1) Ethics Policy: D.Mueller moved to accept as amended; B.Zaragoza seconded; motion passed.
2) Relationship to Library Foundation: will be worked on and shared with the Foundation Board; for future approval by Library Board.


There had been a request that Charles Brown check on a couple of points prior to approval of the revised Bylaws:
1) Appointments statement: the County Board will continue the same process it is currently using; while Library Board terms will expire on December 31, appointments may not be made until February or March; therefore, a current Board member serves until a replacement is appointed.
2) Foundation statement: has been incorporated into the Bylaws.
D. Mueller moved to adopt the Bylaws as revised; C. Walsh seconded; motion passed.

Review of Technology Centers Implementation Plan and the Funding Chart. S. Charles responded to questions from the Library Board.


Charles Brown requested support of the Library Board for a delayed library opening on Thursday, Sept. 24, 1998, request for a 2:00 p.m. system-wide library opening, to enable all staff to participate in an all-morning development session. With Library Board approval, this request will progress to the County Board of Commissioners. D. Mueller moved approval; C. Walsh seconded. M. Jackson expressed concern about the 2 hour closing system-wide (4 hours at area libraries). Motion passed unanimously.

[Bob Zaragoza left the meeting.]

Elizabeth Feinberg gave a brief presentation on the upcoming implementation of OCLC, a world renowned data sharing resource and utility, and its impact on both Interlibrary Loans (ILL) and Cataloging. This two-fold process improvement project is now beginning with contract talks with OCLC. Expectations for ILL will mean reduced turn-around time in obtaining materials for patrons and an improved fill-rate with less "overhead". Expectations for Cataloging is to make the most effective use of OCLC, maintain good subject access, position HCL to best support state compliance standards and improve workflow whenever possible. Membership will benefit patrons and the organization.

Marilyn Turner, Applications Software Management & Training, formerly worked for a library that was involved with OCLC and she reported that one of the great benefits from being an OCLC member is that with the obligation of adhering more closely to national standards, HCL will be in an advantageous position with regards to using new products and technologies that need to interface with their bibliographic database. As a member of OCLC, HCL will be better positioned to influence development of vendor supported library services and will give HCL the opportunity to share cataloging information through active membership.

Teresa Bonner reported that the Library Foundation of Hennepin County on behalf of the Library, submitted a proposal to Urban Libraries Council, which is managing a grant program from the Book-of-the-Month Club. Developed a proposal titled "Books on Board" for the Children's Readmobile to increase the collection substantially. No word from ULC yet.

M. Jackson: Is working on policies with the Committee; quick review of Events List--note State of the County Address and the Friends Roundtable dates; reminder of meeting schedule revisions with March, April, May Ways & Means beginning at 4:30 p.m. and the April 22 Board meeting at 3:00.

MELSA/Metronet: J. Cole reported that MELSA trustees will be approving a reference contract; working on strategic planning with an overnight retreat scheduled for April 2 & 3; working on e-rate for all MELSA libraries. Update on Metronet technology grants status and multi-type library changes.

C. Walsh: Reminder of the April 22 Trustee/Director workshop and dinner, 5-8:30 p.m. in St. Paul. Announcement to be sent out soon, there will be a nominal cost to register.

D. Mueller: Reported that the Revenue Generation Team will be moving forward soon.

Teresa Bonner reported on the Leadership Breakfast--first date is being planned for late spring (handout to Library Board). The Foundation Speakers Bureau differs from the Library Board "Telling Our Story" group.

C. Brown reported:
Staff Issues

Organizational Initiatives Capital Projects Community Activities Professional Activities Other

L. Engberg reported that regarding library Internet access: privacy screens have been added to all public terminals with Netscape access; there has been a marked decrease in complaints from patrons. Raising Readers Program for child care providers, presented by HCL staff, is scheduled for three sessions in March & April. Parent Literacy Program: Library staff go to correction facilities and share the joy of reading. Book tour by author of "Wasted" presented programs at various libraries. Publicity: HCL website noted as an excellent resource. Brief review of the Library Board statistics summary sheet.

President Jackson requested board approval of recent gifts to the library as submitted. It was moved by D. Mueller and seconded by J. Cole to accept recent gifts to the Library; motion passed.
$483.23 Friends of the Champlin Library to the Champlin Library for Holiday books, periodicals, stickers, "Bill the Juggler" program and storytime supplies.
303.24 Friends of the Eden Prairie Library to the Eden Prairie Library for books for collection and Burckhardt program.
174.15 Interest from Donna Peddie Van Wie Memorial to the Edina Library Agency Gift Fund.
94.31 Friends of the Excelsior Library to the Excelsior Library for two additional shelves for newspaper display tower.
15.00 Elisabeth Otto to the Long Lake Library to purchase a children's book in memory of Jeff Larson.
144.09 Friends of the Maple Grove Library to the Maple Grove Library for adult travel books, automotive one-shots, juvenile board books and supplies for teen program.
85.38 Friends of the Osseo Library to the Osseo Library for treats and film processing.
25.00 Esther Gilbert to the Outreach Gift Fund.
66.00 Friends of the Wayzata Library to the Wayzata Library for three copies of the book "The Intentional Family" for the Wayzata Schools Parenting Fair.
31.39 Friends of the Wayzata Library to the Wayzata Library for posters for teen area.
4,000.00 Friends of the Westonka Library to the Westonka Library for a terminal and printer for Netscape use, and a second CD-ROM for the children's area.

Motion to adjourn was made and seconded; meeting was adjourned.

J. L. Zaragoza, Secretary