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Resources for Recovery: An Interview with Nell Hurley

Recently, Freedom Ticket talked with Nell Hurley, executive director of the Minnesota Recovery Connection (MRC), about resources for people in recovery from substance abuse.

What is the Minnesota Recovery Connection (MRC)?

MRC is a recovery community organization. We are a grassroots, independent, nonprofit organization that strengthens the recovery community by increasing the quality and prevalence of long-term recovery for individuals, their families and whole communities. MRC strengthens, connects, and mobilizes the recovery community in Minnesota through peer-to-peer recovery support programs, special events, advocacy work to reduce stigma, and providing access to recovery and community resources.

How does the program help people with substance abuse disorders and their recovery from those disorders?

MRC connects people seeking recovery to resources that can help them initiate and/or maintain their recovery from addiction to alcohol or other drugs. One way MRC does this is through peer-to-peer recovery support programs, such as its Recovery Coaching program and its Telephone Recovery Support program. Led by volunteers with experience in recovery, both support programs connect those seeking recovery with established members of the recovery community,  providing the latter group a way to “give back” by helping others in recovery.

The Telephone Recovery Support program is great for people who are either waiting for treatment, just getting out of treatment, being released from jail, have recently relapsed, or who would like some “extra” support in their recovery. These people sign a consent form that states that they are willing to receive a phone call from an MRC volunteer once-a-week for 12 weeks. The MRC volunteer who calls them has experience in recovery and has been trained to identify barriers to recovery, and to recommend and connect people to resources and organizations that can help remove these barriers.

The Recovery Coaching program is very much like the Telephone Recovery Support program. In addition to the weekly telephone call,  “recoverees” are matched with Recovery Coaches who will work with them both in person and over-the-phone for a minimum of six months, or until “recoverees” have developed a solid support system for their recovery.

A Recovery Coach is a mentor with experience in recovery and knowledge regarding how to identify and access resources that can help remove barriers to recovery.

What suggestions do you have for someone in achieving and maintaining recovery from substance abuse?

One of the best ways to achieve and maintain recovery is to get connected to the recovery community. MRC offers events, workshops, and volunteer opportunities that can help people connect with others in recovery and to the recovery community as a whole.

Do you have a favorite book on the subject of recovery from substance abuse?

One of my favorite books on the topic of recovery is “Broken” by William Moyers. It’s a harrowing memoir of the author’s own descent into the abyss of addiction, but it’s just as much a story of recovery and redemption. The thing I love most about this book is the author’s realization that it is the recovery community and his connection to that community that will save him.

Minnesota Recovery Connection
253 State Street, St. Paul, MN. 55107
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