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Make any Catalog search into a custom RSS feed. Watch for the RSS Feed button on every search results page.

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Make any Events or Classes search into a custom RSS feed. Watch for the RSS Feed button on every search results page.

Most of our book lists, including on order titles, bestsellers and more, are available as RSS feeds. Watch for the RSS Feed button.

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RSS Feed all BookSpace – includes all feeds below.

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RSS Feed All Subject Guides – includes all the subject feeds below.

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 News from your Local Library
RSS Feed Augsburg Park Library
RSS Feed Brookdale Library
RSS Feed Brooklyn Park Library
RSS Feed Champlin Library
RSS Feed East Lake Library
RSS Feed Eden Prairie Library
RSS Feed Edina Library
RSS Feed Excelsior Library
RSS Feed Franklin Library
RSS Feed Golden Valley Library
RSS Feed Hopkins Library
RSS Feed Hosmer Library
RSS Feed Linden Hills Library
RSS Feed Long Lake Library
RSS Feed Maple Grove Library
RSS Feed Maple Plain Library
RSS Feed Minneapolis Central Library
RSS Feed Minnetonka Library
RSS Feed Nokomis Library
RSS Feed North Regional Library
RSS Feed Northeast Library
RSS Feed Osseo Library
RSS Feed Oxboro Library
RSS Feed Penn Lake Library
RSS Feed Pierre Bottineau Library
RSS Feed Plymouth Library
RSS Feed Ridgedale Library
RSS Feed Rockford Road Library
RSS Feed Rogers Library
RSS Feed Roosevelt Library
RSS Feed Southdale Library
RSS Feed Southeast Library
RSS Feed St. Anthony Library
RSS Feed St. Bonifacius Library
RSS Feed St. Louis Park Library
RSS Feed Sumner Library
RSS Feed Walker Library
RSS Feed Washburn Library
RSS Feed Wayzata Library
RSS Feed Webber Park Library
RSS Feed Westonka Library

What are RSS feeds?
RSS feeds allow you to keep up-to-date on your favorite websites by "subscribing" to their feeds. New information added to those sites can be easily browsed by visiting a single web page, called a "news reader". The news reader automatically checks for updates and displays them for you! (See links on the sidebar to popular news readers).

Most news readers allow you to subscribe by copying the link from your browser and pasting it into the news reader. Some news readers automatically detect the feed when you click on the link, making subscribing even easier! If in doubt, read your news reader's help guide on how to subscribe to news feeds.

Our home page and Subject Guide pages change frequently. By subscribing to our feeds, you'll never miss an update to the home page or to your favorite Subject Guide!

Text adapted from Kansas City Public Library.

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