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MNMag is an index of articles on local and statewide politics, news, current events, history and the arts that appeared in nine Minnesota magazines from 1991 to 2005. It includes over 25,000 citations.

  • Type a word or phrase in one or more of the search boxes. (In most cases a keyword search is sufficient.)
  • Use the Basic Search to search a phrase.
  • Follow this link for examples of date formats.

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Searching Tips
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   (exp. January 2000)
OR date range ( exp. From: Jan 23, 1996 To: Mar 12, 2003 )

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Keyword (Searches all fields)

By Keyword

A keyword query searches all fields in the record. If searching a phrase use the Basic Search.

 Examples of keyword searches:

  • Ventura
  • Foshay Tower
  • light rail transit

Note:  Capitalization does not affect the search. Foshay Tower, foshay tower, and FOSHAY TOWER all produce the same results. MNMag will not search "AND" for two or more keywords. It will search "OR" for two or more keywords (e.g. University OR College). Use the Keyword Search (not Basic Search) and type the two search works in not including the word "OR".

Examples of "OR" searches:

  • University College
  • Buses Transit
By Author

An author query searches by the name of the article's author or by the name of the person to whom the article's photographs, illustrations, or graphics are attributed.

Examples of author searches:

  • Schimke, David
  • Bares Craig

Note: Capitalization does not affect the search but leaving out the comma will. Schimke David, schimke david, and SCHIMKE DAVID all produce the same results. However, Schimke David will produce nothing without the comma.

By Publication

A publication query is selected from the pull-down menu that lists the nine Minnesota magazines indexed in MNMag.

  • City Pages, January 1991-
  • Hennepin History, Spring 1991-
  • Minneapolis and St. Paul Skyway News, January 1993
  • Mpls. St. Paul Magazine, January 1991-
  • Minnesota History, Spring 1991-
  • Minnesota Monthly, January 1993-
  • Minnesota Law and Politics, April 1990-
  • Ramsey County History, Spring 1991-
  • Twin Cities Reader, January 1991 - March 1997

Note: Because Minneapolis and St. Paul Skyway News and Minnesota Law & Politics have been published under varying titles since 1991, the original title also will appear in the citations your search produces.

By Date

A date query enables you to find articles published within a particular month, year or range of years. If search a quarterly magazine (Minnesota History, Hennepin History) be sure to put a semicolon between the season and year.

Examples of date formats:

  • December 1997
  • October 14, 1992
  • Fall; 2000
  • 1995
Date Range
If you are searching for a range of years put a day and month in addition to the year. This is true even if you are searching for a monthly or quarterly magazine.

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