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Midwest Federated Chaparral Poets Collection M/A 1996.03.01-04

Midwest Federated Chaparral Poets Collection M/A 1996.03.01-04

Creator:Midwest Federation of Chaparral Poets.
Title: Midwest Federated Chaparral Poets Collection
Quantity: 4.0 boxes
Repository: James K. Hosmer Special Collections Library


This club was organized in 1941 with Margarette Ball Dickson as organizing regent. Myrta Albertson Wells of Minneapolis was the first president.

Description of the Collection

Collection includes correspondence from 1948-1965, 1971-1973, 1974-1978, 1981, and 1982-1984. Also included are clippings, photos, biographies, scrapbooks, publications, membership lists, bulletins, history, rules and regulations, meeting minutes and poems from members. The collection consists of four boxes.

The following bound poetry pamphlets were lost to water damage in the basement flood of Regent Maxine Larson: Fall 1994, Fall 1995, Fall 1996, Spring 1997, Spring 1999, Fall 2001.

Related Material

See aslo: Book: From the Valleys to the Mountains, at in Special Collections Minneapolis Collection Call Number: 821.0 M624

Subject Headings


Babcock, Harry
Hulbert, Dorothy Printup
Jensen, Margarette Ball
Johnson, Louise N.
Koulz , Elmer C.
Morely, Marilyn P.
Sanders, Louise
Sawyers, Mott R., b. 1870
Schultte, Betty J.
Wallar, William C. A.


American poetry -- 20th century.

Table of Contents

Membership List

History: MFCP -- Box 1, Folder 1
Biography: Babcock, Harry -- Box 1, Folder 2
Biography: Jensen, Margarette Ball -- Box 1, Folder 3
Biography: Johnson, Louise N. -- Box 1, Folder 4
Biography: Sawyers, Mott R. -- Box 1, Folder 5
Bulletins, programs 1947-1965 -- Box 1, Folder 6
Clippings -- Box 1, Folder 7
Correspondence 1948-1965 -- Box 1, Folder 8
Correspondence 1971-1973 -- Box 1, Folder 9
Correspondence 1974-1978 -- Box 1, Folder 10
Correspondence 1981-2011 -- Box 1, Folder 11
Correspondence 1982-1984 -- Box 1, Folder 12
Meeting minutes -- Box 1, Folder 13
Membership lists 1977, 2006, 2007 -- Box 1, Folder 14
Miscellaneous -- Box 1, Folder 15
Photographs -- Box 1, Folder 16
Biographies -- Box 1, Folder 17
Brandt, Edward Reimer - List of Poems; Biographical materials 1998, 2000 -- Box 1, Folder 18
Poet Laureates -- Box 2, Folder 1
Poetry: members -- Box 2, Folder 2
Poetry: Hulbert, Dorothy -- Box 2, Folder 3
Poetry: Koulz, Elmer C. -- Box 2, Folder 4
Poetry: Morely, Marilyn P. -- Box 2, Folder 5
Poetry: Sanders, Louise -- Box 2, Folder 6
Poetry: Schultte, Betty J -- Box 2, Folder 7
Poetry: Wallar, W.C.A -- Box 2, Folder 8
Poetry contests -- Box 2, Folder 9
Publication: Leaves from the Chaparral, 1976 -- Box 2, Folder 10
Publication: Midwest Chaparral -- Box 2, Folder 11
Publication: Quaderni di Poesia, Rome, 1964 -- Box 2, Folder 12
Song (official) 1955 -- Box 2, Folder 13
Rules and regulations -- Box 2, Folder 14
Scrapbook 1 1955-1971 -- Box 3
Scrapbook 2 April 11, 1963-December 28, 1967 -- Box 3
Scrapbook 3 January, 1968-May 3, 1972 -- Box 3
Scrapbook 4 May, 1972-February, 1975 -- Box 3
Phase box- Loose additional scrapbook pages -- Box 3
Scrapbook 5 February 12, 1975-April 14, 1976 -- Box 4
Scrapbook 6 April, 1976-October, 1977 -- Box 4
Scrapbook 7 1965-1975 -- Box 4
Scrapbook 8 1970-1989 -- Box 4
Newsletter- Speak Up 1976-1977 -- Box 4, Folder 5
Newsletter- Dart Journal May 1976 -- Box 4, Folder 6
Publications 1994-2012 -- Box 5

Membership List

Compilation of lists from 1977, 2006, 2007. The year is noted by each name. There are also a few membership cards from other years.
Acton, Patty1977
Anderson, Edith Nordeen1977
Archibald-Kretlow, Karen A.2006, 2007
Arhelger, Betty1977
Babcock, Emma1977
Babcock, Harry E.1977
Badonvinus, Charlotte1977
Bailey, Edith E.1977
Baillies, Rita M.1977
Barke, Hazel1977
Barott, Lois J.1977
Barthel, Mildred V.2006, 2007
Bergman, Evelyn1977
Betz, Dorothy E.1977
Binger, Marlys J.2006, 2007
Blanich, Josephine1977
Bradley, Mildred W.1977
Brandt, Ed2006, 2007
Brandt, Edward R.1977
Briggs, Bonnie2006, 2007
Britts, Maurice W.1977
Brody, Herbert D.1977
Bump, Valerie A.2006, 2007
Campe, Jo1977
Chapin, Alice1977
Clarno, Kathryn1977
Clemens, Margaret1977
Cosgrove, Loretta1977
Dalen, Levine Karen1977
David, Yola1977
DeGagne (OSB), Sister Margaret Mary1977
Desich, Helen C.1977
Deyo, Rita2006, 2007
Draheim, Beth A.1977
Edlund, James1977
Erickson, Jessie1977
Esnough, Thomas1977
Evans, Frank Brooks1977
Faribault, Mary E.1977
Fenn, Alvilda1977
Fenton, Alice (Treas. MFCP)1977
Fenton, Rev. Mother Victorine1977
Fergus, Patricia M.2006, 2007
Fitspatrick(OSB), Sister M. Patricia1977
Forman, Mary1977
Foy, Kay2006, 2007
Frank, Joanne M.1977
Free, Terry1977
Fullerton, George J.1977
Gilleen, Kathleen A.2006, 2007
Gisselquist, Richard I.2006
Goar, Glen1977
Goldberg, Howard1977
Gombold, Bill1977
Gould, Iona1977
Granquist, Gladys1977
Green, Jane Nugent2006, 2007
Gregerson, Doris1977
Gruska, Louise1977
Guimond, Evelyn1977
Hatcher, Edmond Kent1977
Hollinder, Joyce H.2006, 2007
Hollinder, Joyce L.1977
Holmberg, Delia1977
Howard, Roba Ward1977
Huffmas, Dee1977
Hulbert, Dorothy1977
Hurlbert, Ruth1977
Hyndman, Marchale1977
Javens, mary E.1977
Johnson, Clair(Ebba)1977
Johnson, Jacqueline L.2006, 2007
Johnson, Louise(Regent-MFCP)1977
Johnson, Ruth1977
Johnson, Violet C.1977
Johnston, Hilma E.1977
Jorgensen, Ruth1977
Kallberg, Beatrice1977
Kennedy, Charles J.1977
Kingman, Marguerite (Editor-Chaparrel Magazine)1977
Klein, Evelyn D.2006, 2007
Kleist, Lucille1977
Klemmack, Lucille (Nat'l Director)1977
Kotowicz, Caroline S.1977
Koutz, Elmer1977
Kraus, Marci1977
Laakkonen, Bonita R.1977
Lammers, Sister Monica Helen1977
Lamppa, William1977
Larsen Mattfield, Janine C.2006, 2007
Larson, Cecilia1977
Larson, Maxine A.2006, 2007
Larson, Rod M.2006, 2007
Larson, Sheila1977
Locke, Louise (Iowa State Regent-MFCP)1977
Loesch, Grace1977
Loken, Vivian1977
Long, Marion B.1977
Luckman, Mrs. Hedy1977
Luhman, John1977
Lundberg, Janice1977
Lynch, DiAnne1977
Magnussen, Elizabeth1977
Marg, Frances K. (Sec'y-MFCP)1977
Marks, Mrs. Ada Greiner1977
Marquardt, Annette A.1977
Maunula, Allan M.1977
McGillivray, Kathy1977
McGillivray, Virginia1977
McNurlin, Marilynn1977
Meyer, Mrs. Marie(Mrs. Hiram)1977
Miles, Carolyn1977
Miller, Sandy Hollinder1977
Minor, Pearl J.(Treas.-Reg. Officer)1977
Mondale, Ruth(Mrs. C.T.)1977
Morneau, Jan2006, 2007
Murphy, Mrs. Thelma1977
Murray, Donna M.1977
Neilson, Eleanor (Mrs. Ben)1977
Nelson, Beverly2006, 2007
Nelson, Rodney Allen1977
Newman, May G.1961-1963
Nguyen, Alfonse T.2006, 2007
Nickerson, Irene R.1977
Nowlin, Edna V.1977
Nurmi, Hilma1977
O'Shea, Myrtrice1977
Ohrbom, Mary E.2006
Packard, Virginia1977
Paige, Hattie M.1977
Parker, Dorothy1977
Patnode, Terry G.1977
Perry, Jennie1977
Podkopacz, Helen1977
Poliquin, Shirley L.2006, 2007
Ramstead, Betty1977
Ranning, Laura E.1977
Ready, Ernest1977
Reedy, Lois M.1977
Rennaker, Charlotte J.1977
Rentfrow, Olive(Mrs. Frank)1977
Ribble, Gary1977
Richardson, Barb1977
Ridler, Janet W.1977
Roberts, Kathryn L.1977
Rolland, Lucy1977
Rorke, Patricia A.1977
Rose, Anne C.1977
Sandberg, Harold W.1977
Sawyers, Ruth1977
Schlemmer, Robert1977
Schmidt, Greg1977
Schofield, Minnie1977
Schrader, Dorothy C.1977
Schulze, Dorothy1977
Schutte, Betty J.1977
Sharon, Annette M.2006, 2007
Siewert, Charlene C.1977
Simpson, Leenardia V.1977
Sjotvedt, Jane K.2006, 2007
Skare, Oliver1977
Skelly, Betty2006, 2007
Smith, Ruth1977
Spehar, Linda M.1977
Spicer, Marcy1977
Spurrell, Joy D.1977
Stauss, Nelle M.1977
Stearns, Gretta1977
Stiff, Jo Ann(Mrs. Richard)1977, 2006, 2007
Sullivan, Thomas (Vice Regent-MFCP)1977
Summers, Lucy Cooper1977
Sundall, Cathryn E.2006, 2007
Sworski, Norma Kristina1977
Temple, Robert L.2006, 2007
Tenny, Duane1977
Tilton, Sister Rafael2006, 2007
Tonsberg, Edna1977
Travis, Ethel P.1977
Tremble, Stella Craft1977
Trihus, Julie E.2006, 2007
Tronsgard, Dorothy1977
Truchinski, Joyce2006, 2007
Truchinski, Joyce (Awards Dir. MFCP)1977
Von Horine, Phyllis (Phyllis Carlson)1977
Walstrom, Eliza Jane1977
Warren, William1977
Wasson, Kimberly S.2006, 2007
Wermerskirchen, Elsie1977
Whitcomb, Anna Whilhelmina1977
Whitehead, Florence (Mrs. Allen)1977
Whitney, Semona1977
Wight, Doris1977
Williams, Gomer1948
Williams, Grace1977
Williams, Rev. W. Clark1977
Wilson, Lucille Morgan2006, 2007
Wise, Alice (Vice Regent MFCP)1977
Wyrick, Brad1977
Young, Helen1977
Zimbrick, Novella1977

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