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Read and Ride Day at the State Fair
Your library card can get you lots of great things, but did you know that you can also get a discount at the State Fair? Come to the State Fair on Wednesday, August 27 for Read and Ride Day. Show your library card at the gate and get a discount on your admission!
posted Aug 24, 2014 by Tony H. Category: Arts/Entertainment

Summer music
With summer around the corner it's time to get ready for the summer concert and blockbuster movie season. Whether it's the Basilica Block Party, Rock the Garden, or "The Fault in Our Stars" that you're waiting to see, City Pages will have the details.
posted May 18, 2014 by Jan D. Category: Arts/Entertainment

Live performances in the Twin Cities
Is your favorite musician or group ever going to play in the Cities?When?? Pollstar lets you search by venue or performer, and you can even register to be notified when they do plan to pay a visit. Plus, you can purchase tickets by connecting directly to the vendor.
posted Feb 23, 2014 by Jan D. Category: Arts/Entertainment

The Emmys
Television's Emmy Awards presentation is just one week away. Take this time to review the season's highs and lows, complete with snarky commentary, on Televsion Without Pity.
posted Sep 15, 2013 by Jan D. Category: Arts/Entertainment

Welcome to the Fair!
The Minnesota State Fair is about more than corn dogs, mini-donuts and Midway rides. It has a grand tradition and history of its own, much of which has been recounted in books by local authors Karel Ann Marling ("Blue Ribbon") and Kathryn Koutsky ("Minnesota State Fair"), both of which are available at Hennepin County Library.
posted Aug 18, 2013 by Jan D. Category: Arts/Entertainment

Music! Music! Music!
The Basilica Block Party is this weekend (July 12-13) and it has an incredible line-up of artists. Did you know that you can download some of their music from Bookspace at the library's homepage? And it's free!
posted Jul 7, 2013 by Jan D. Category: Arts/Entertainment

Movie cliches
We've all seen them: dogs know who the bad guys are and bark at them; a woman running from someone will always fall down, etc. What are your favorite movie cliches?
posted Jan 18, 2013 by Jan D. Category: Arts/Entertainment