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Sparticl collects the best science on the web. Want to know why your brain freezes when you eat a popsicle? Curious about the science behind roller coasters? Or how about how Pixar creates the computer animation for its blockbusters? Explore these and many other exciting science topics!
posted Sep 7, 2014 by Tony H. Category: Math/Science

Pi Day
Cover Art Pi Day is the March 14th celebration of the mathematical constant, π. Make and eat pie, memorize as many of its infinite digits as you can, and check out our Math Subject Guide to further geek out about math.
posted Mar 9, 2014 by Christina G. Category: Math/Science

Math skills feeling a little rusty?
The website Interactive Mathematics has guides that thoroughly break down topics in algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and proabability for 8th grade through college-level math. Still feeling shaky? We have free tutors available at some of our libray locations, and you can use your library card to access tutors online from 1-11pm any day of the week through Homework Rescue.
posted Sep 8, 2013 by Christina G. Category: Math/Science