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June is LGBT Pride Month!
The month of June was recently officially declared National LGBT Pride Month by President Obama. June has traditionally been named as LGBT Pride Month to commemorate the Stonewall Riots. The Twin Cities Pride Festival is at the end of this month, June 28-30.
posted Jun 4, 2013 by Erica R. Category: Relationships/Sexuality

A Public Service Announcement
How do you know if you are in an abusive relationship? Watch this Teen Dating Violence PSA and focus on the details. Notice how things start out. Have you ever been in a situation like that? What should the girl have done? What should the boy have done?
posted Apr 2, 2013 by Jody W. Category: Relationships/Sexuality

Prom season
If you're planning to go to prom, you've probably started to think about your date, and what you'll wear. Now's the time to think about what you want to do after the dance. Many people assume that proms include alcohol and sex. Spring celebrations can have lifelong implications. Make sure you and your date, and the people you party with, support each other's plans. Check throughout TeenLinks to get the information you need to make the decisions that are right for you.
posted Mar 1, 2013 by Susan W. Category: Relationships/Sexuality

Teen birth rates at record low
According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the birth rate for teen girls has dropped 8 percent between 2010 and 2011. This is not a new trend, as teen birth rates have dropped from 2007 to 2011. The study put out by the NCHS has several theories as to why the teen birth rate has dropped, from the economy to the CDC recommending long-acting birth control methods such as IUDs to teens.
posted Feb 14, 2013 by Erica R. Category: Relationships/Sexuality

Love is fun, infections are not!
One out of four sexually active teens has a sexually transmitted infection. Contraceptive pills, oral sex and anal sex do not protect you from infection. Get the facts you need at Teens Health, myHealth/West Suburban Teen Clinic or a local clinic. If a partner pressures you into high risk behaviors, think about whether it's the relationship for you.
posted Feb 1, 2013 by Susan W. Category: Relationships/Sexuality

Does your New Year's Resolution include a big relationship change?
Cover Art Need a little help? Check out the Dating and GLBTQ Relationships pages, and the Counseling information. Or, look for the new book Relationship smarts: how to navigate dating, friendships, family relationships, and more by Joyce Markovics. You don't have to go it alone.
posted Jan 1, 2013 by Susan W. Category: Relationships/Sexuality