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Current Events Topics
Coming up with interesting and informative current events topics can be hard. Library Subject Guide: Current Events makes it easy! There's an easy to read layout and choosing from a variety of categories listed.
posted Feb 22, 2013 by Mechelle F. Category: CurrentEvents/SocialIssues

Teen birth rates at record low
According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the birth rate for teen girls has dropped 8 percent between 2010 and 2011. This is not a new trend, as teen birth rates have dropped from 2007 to 2011. The study put out by the NCHS has several theories as to why the teen birth rate has dropped, from the economy to the CDC recommending long-acting birth control methods such as IUDs to teens.
posted Feb 14, 2013 by Erica R. Category: Relationships/Sexuality

Game featuring Black Female superhero!
Three students at Spelman college are developing a grant-funded video game called HERadventure. The game is being developed thanks in large part due to a large grant from the National Endowment of the Arts. Find out more information about HERadventure here.
posted Feb 14, 2013 by Erica R. Category: Gaming

Apply by Feb. 22!
The Conservation Corps MN would like 15-18 year olds to apply for a summer job in the Youth Outdoors Program by Feb. 22. Youth work on a crew of 6 youth and 2 leaders, get paid $7.25/hr and work for 11 weeks doing tasks like invasive species removal, native plan installation, gardening, urban farming, and leading volunteers in environmental projects.
posted Feb 12, 2013 by Jody W. Category: JobsMoney

The Paris Review
Cover Art For sixty years, the Paris Review has interviewed some of the greatest modern writers about their craft. Check out their talks with writers ranging from Ernest Hemingway to Joan Didion to Kurt Vonnegut. Whether you're an aspiring writer, a voracious reader, or a student working on a book report, these interviews will inform and inspire.
posted Feb 7, 2013 by Tony H. Category: English/LanguageArts

Alternatives to High School
There are many alternatives to traditional high school. Maybe you'd like a greater focus on math and science, or maybe you'd prefer a school of the arts. Or maybe regular high school just doesn't work well with your current situation. Our Alternatives to Regular School guide can help you find a program that fits your life and interests. Many programs have admissions deadlines in the winter and spring, so talk to your school counselor and start looking now.
posted Feb 7, 2013 by Tony H. Category: SchoolStuff

360 Journalism Workshop
Like to ask questions and tell stories? Want to learn new skills and get published? Join ThreeSixty's News Team! Work with ThreeSixty's editors and professional journalists to learn to use words and photos to tell stories that matter to you. Workshops will meet on Thursdays from 4:00-6:00 p.m. starting February 21st. Questions? Call Tom at 651-962-5269
posted Feb 4, 2013 by Cynthia M. Category: TeenCentral

More down than up?
Check the listings of Emergency Help for access to the resources you need. If you are looking for help with multiple problems, the Community Resources page is a good place to start.
posted Feb 2, 2013 by Susan W. Category: EmergencyHelp

Welcome, Teens!
Best Buy Teen Tech Center is open. Stop by to see the new space, become a member, and try new technologies. Enter through Teen Central and ask a librarian how to sign up.
posted Feb 1, 2013 by Aaron L. Category: BBTTC

Inside prep sports
It's no surpise that the Minnesota State High School League site is filled with rules governing high school sports. It's also a fun place for personal insight into coaches, teams, and athletes throughout the state. See John's Journal. I liked the January 6 post about the defeated Sioux Falls boys basketball team helping the Marshall team re-set their gym (what class!), and the January 11 story about the Waconia alpine racer.
posted Feb 1, 2013 by Susan W. Category: Sports

Do something fun and important!
April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month and National STDs Education and Awareness Month. June is Gay and Lesbian Pride Month and National Hunger Awareness Month. If you start now, you can organize a fun and important event in your school or community. For ideas, check the do something site. I wish someone was collecting jeans for homeless teens here in Minnesota! If you do that, please let us know.
posted Feb 1, 2013 by Susan W. Category: GetInvolved

Love is fun, infections are not!
One out of four sexually active teens has a sexually transmitted infection. Contraceptive pills, oral sex and anal sex do not protect you from infection. Get the facts you need at Teens Health, myHealth/West Suburban Teen Clinic or a local clinic. If a partner pressures you into high risk behaviors, think about whether it's the relationship for you.
posted Feb 1, 2013 by Susan W. Category: Relationships/Sexuality