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Become a Wikipedia Editor
The magic (and perhaps peril) of Wikipedia is that anyone is allowed to contribute content and edits to an article. Create an account here and try editing articles for grammar, spelling, and content. See if there’s anything you can add to your favorite topics!
For encyclopedias that your teacher will actually let you use as a source for a paper, check out our other Encyclopedias and Dictionaries.
posted Jan 26, 2014 by Christina G. Category: Encyclopedias/Dictionaries

Thsrs: Find Shorter Words for Your Tweets
Cover Art With the 140 character limit on Twitter, brevity is key. Thsrs finds shorter synonyms for your long words so you can keep your tweets within the limit. Check out our Encyclopedias and Dictionaries page for more unique word-finders.
posted Oct 27, 2013 by Christina G. Category: Encyclopedias/Dictionaries

What's the word for...?
You know there's a word for it but you just can't remember it! The OneLook Reverse Dictionary can help you find it.
posted Jan 18, 2013 by Janice D. Category: Encyclopedias/Dictionaries