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Ace your AP exams!
Are you planning on taking an AP test this year? The exam dates are in May, but it's never too early to start preparing. You can take practice exams on LearningExpressLibrary. Good luck!
posted Sep 14, 2014 by Tony H. Category: SchoolStuff

Get the education you want
Are you getting the most out of your high school experience? If the answer is no, you might want to consider the alternatives to regular school. There are high school programs focusing on arts, science, or learning a trade. You can attend an online high school. You can even take college courses (for college credit) while still in high school. Many of these alternative programs have application deadlines in the winter and spring, so start applying now if interested. For more information, check out our School Stuff subject guide.
posted Feb 3, 2014 by Tony H. Category: SchoolStuff

"The end of bullying begins with me."
Cover Art Make that your motto this month and every month. October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Go to the PACER website to learn about steps you can take to stop bullying in your school and community. Wear orange on Wednesday, October 9 for Unity Day.
posted Oct 6, 2013 by Tony H. Category: SchoolStuff

Alternatives to High School
There are many alternatives to traditional high school. Maybe you'd like a greater focus on math and science, or maybe you'd prefer a school of the arts. Or maybe regular high school just doesn't work well with your current situation. Our Alternatives to Regular School guide can help you find a program that fits your life and interests. Many programs have admissions deadlines in the winter and spring, so talk to your school counselor and start looking now.
posted Feb 7, 2013 by Tony H. Category: SchoolStuff