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Spring Break Adventures
If you're doing some traveling this spring break, check out the library's subject guide for Countries and Geography. The Stately Knowledge website contains great information on each state in the U.S. including historical sites and other points of interest.
posted Mar 30, 2014 by Tracy Hvezda-Lehtola Category: Countries/Geography

The Statesman's Yearbook
It's a new year with endless possibilities! Check out the Statesman's Yearbook, an electronic database chock full of fascinating information about 194 countries in the world. Brush up on the most current issues in politics, economics, and trade facing each country. Useful chronologies and timelines help put history in perspective.
posted Jan 5, 2014 by Tracy Hvezda-Lehtola Category: Countries/Geography

Gone Fishing
Are you angling to get out on the lake this summer? The Minnesota DNR website has a boatload of interactive maps and a LakeFinder search tool to help you learn more about your favorite fishing hole or locate fishing piers across the state. If your summer plans take you farther abroad, check out our Countries&Geography topic page for destination information.
posted Jun 16, 2013 by Tracy H. Category: Countries/Geography

Culture Grams
Whenever you need background info on a specific country, try Culture Grams: The World. You'll find maps, photos, sound bites, even recipes!
posted Jan 18, 2013 by Janice D. Category: Countries/Geography