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Holidays at the White House
Take a break from studying for final exams and take a peek at how the Obamas are celebrating the holidays. At WhiteHouse.gov you can watch a video of the arrival of the official White House Christmas tree and find instructions for holiday crafts you can do at home. The First Lady Receives the 2013 White House Christmas Tree
Alright, now back to work! If your end-of-semester projects include current events and social issues, check out CQ Researcher for useful information on a variety of important topics.
posted Dec 8, 2013 by Tracy H. Category: Government/Politics

You can make a difference!
Did you know that high school students 16-years-old and older may serve as trainee election judges? Election judges have the very important job of setting up polling places on Election Day, handing out ballots, and making sure voting runs smoothly. The MN Secretary of State student page provides instructions for becoming a trainee election judge. Plan ahead for next year when Minnesotans will vote in the big races for Senator, Representative, Governor, and more! Find more ways to get involved at our Voting & Politics page.
posted Nov 3, 2013 by Tracy H. Category: Government/Politics

Gun Control
Since the recent events at Sandy Creek School, gun control has come under much scrutiny. Opposing Viewpoints can help add context to the discussion.
posted Jan 18, 2013 by Janice D. Category: Government/Politics

Spy Museum
Did you know that there's a CIA Museum in Washington, D.C.? Take of virtual tour and learn about real spy missions and equipment.
posted Jan 13, 2013 by Jan D. Category: Government/Politics