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Books that Made Me Cry (6 titles)
Okay, there aren't very many of these, but i'll add as i go.
Manga for Champions (36 titles)
I'm such a manga dork! =) From beginners to pros, this is the end-all manga list. Tell me about others and I'll read them and decide if they're worthy.
Pokemon Adventures (14 titles)
For all you Poke-fans out there who aren't afraid to show it!! Here is the adventures of Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Gold, Silver and Crystal of the Gameboy games. Here's the books in order.
Teen Novels to Read in a Day (9 titles)
So you're too bored to start that epic novel you got out of the library, but your computer's broken and you're sick of comic books. Pick up a teen novel like this, blow through it in a day, and read another one.
The Wonderful Yet Incomplete List of Every Awesome Book Ever (85 titles)
This is a list of any book that's worth reading. If it's a manga or nonfiction, it had better be pretty good, because I've only put a couple of those on this list. Please comment so I can add more and help everyone understand the awesomeness of reading!!
Writing Books for Prospective Authors (18 titles)
If, like me, you're writing a book...or two...or five...these are great books on plots, characters and flat-out writing that I guarantee are useful.
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