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Best Fiction for Young Adults
Young Adult Library Association selects the Best Fiction for Young Adults and includes titles from a variety of genres.
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  Cover Art: Riding Invisible Alonzo, Sandra
Riding Invisible
In Southern California, fifteen-year-old Yancy Aparacio, fed up with the physical and mental abuse his older brother Will inflicts, runs away on his horse, Shy, and tries to become invisible.
234 p. 2010
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Forge Anderson, Laurie Halse
In this compelling sequel to Chains...The Patriot Army was shaped and strengthened by the desperate circumstances of the Valley Forge winter. This is where Curzon the boy becomes Curzon the young man. In addition to the hardships of soldiering, he lives with the fear of discovery, for he is an escaped slave passing for free. And then there is Isabel, who is also at Valley Forge—against her will. She and Curzon have to sort out the tangled threads of their friendship while figuring out what stands between the two of them and true freedom.
Children's Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Split Avasthi, Swati
A teenaged boy thrown out of his house by his abusive father goes to live with his older brother, who ran away from home years ago to escape the abuse.
282 p. 2010
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Compromised Ayarbe, Heidi
With her con-man father in prison, fifteen-year-old Maya sets out from Reno, Nevada, for Boise, Idaho, hoping to stay out of foster care by finding an aunt she never knew existed, but a fellow runaway complicates all of her scientifically-devised plans.
452 p. 2010
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Ship Breaker Bacigalupi, Paolo
Ship Breaker
TOP TEN OF 2011. In a futuristic world, teenaged Nailer scavenges copper wiring from grounded oil tankers for a living, but when he finds a beached clipper ship with a girl in the wreckage, he has to decide if he should strip the ship for its wealth or rescue the girl.
326 p. 2010
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: White Cat Black, Holly
White Cat
When Cassel Sharpe discovers that his older brothers have used him to carry out their criminal schemes and then stolen his memories, he figures out a way to turn their evil machinations against them.
310 p. 2010
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Plain Kate Bow, Erin
Plain Kate
Plain Kate's odd appearance and expertise as a woodcarver cause some to think her a witch, but friendship with a talking cat and, later, with humans help her to survive and even thrive in a world of magic, charms, and fear.
314 p. 2010
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Will Boyd, Maria
Seventeen-year-old Will's behavior has been getting him in trouble at his all-boys school in Sydney, Australia, but his latest punishment, playing in the band for a musical production, gives him new insights into his fellow students and helps him cope with an incident he has tried to forget.
300 p. 2010
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Fat Cat Brande, Robin
Fat Cat
Overweight teenager Catherine embarks on a high school science project in which she must emulate the ways of hominims, the earliest ancestors of human beings, by eating an all-natural diet and foregoing technology.
330 p. 2009
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Star Crossed Bunce, Elizabeth C.
Star Crossed
In a kingdom dominated by religious intolerance, sixteen-year-old Digger, a street thief, has always avoided attention, but when she learns that her friends are plotting against the throne she must decide whether to join them or turn them in.
359 p. 2010
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Beat the Band Calame, Don
Beat the Band
Paired with the infamous Hot Dog Helen for a health class presentation on safe sex, tenth-grader Coop tries to regain his cool by entering his musically challenged rock group in the Battle of the Bands competition.
390 p. 2010
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Jump Carbone, Elisa Lynn
Two teenaged runaways meet at a climbing gym and together embark on a dangerous and revealing journey.
258 p. 2010
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: The Demon King : a Seven Realms Novel Chima, Cinda Williams
The Demon King : a Seven Realms Novel
Relates the intertwining fates of former street gang leader Han Alister and headstrong Princess Raisa, as Han takes possession of an amulet that once belonged to an evil wizard and Raisa uncovers a conspiracy in the Grey Wolf Court.
506 p. 2009
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Stolen Christopher, Lucy
Sixteen-year-old Gemma, a British city-dweller, is abducted while on vacation with her parents and taken to the Australian outback, where she soon realizes that escape attempts are futile, and in time she learns that her captor is not as despicable as she first believed.
299 p. 2010
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Dash Lily's Book of Dares Cohn, Rachel
Dash Lily's Book of Dares
Told in the alternating voices of Dash and Lily, two sixteen-year-olds carry on a wintry scavenger hunt at Christmas-time in New York, neither knowing quite what--or who--they will find.
260 p. 2010
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Broken Memory : a Novel of Rwanda Combres, Elisabeth
Broken Memory : a Novel of Rwanda
Hiding behind a chair, five-year-old Emma can’t see her mother being murdered, but she hears everything. When the assassins finally leave, the terrified girl stumbles away from the scene, motivated only by the memory of her mother’s last words: "You must not die, Emma!"...When the country establishes gacaca courts to allow victims to face their tormentors, Emma is uneasy and afraid. But through her growing friendship with a young torture victim and the encouragement of an old man charged with helping child survivors, Emma finds the courage to begin the long journey to healing.
139 p. 2009
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Matched Condie, Allyson Braithwaite
All her life, Cassia has never had a choice. The Society dictates everything: when and how to play, where to work, where to live, what to eat and wear, when to die, and most importantly to Cassia as she turns 17, who to marry. When she is Matched with her best friend Xander, things couldn't be more perfect. But why did her neighbor Ky's face show up on her match disk as well?
369 p. 2010
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Cosmic Cottrell Boyce, Frank
12-year old Liam looks like he's thirty. Sometimes it's not bad; for example on the first day of school the principal mistakes Liam for a teacher or when he convinces a car dealer to let him test drive a Porsche. So feeling like he's stuck between two worlds, Liam cons his way into being the adult chaperone on the first space ship to take civilians into space. But when the ship is stuck 230,000 miles from home, being mistaken for an adult is not good.
313 p. 2010
Children's Fiction Book
  Cover Art: A Little Wanting Song Crowley, Cath
A Little Wanting Song
One Australian summer, two very different sixteen-year-old girls--Charlie, a talented but shy musician, and Rose, a confident student longing to escape her tiny town--are drawn into an unexpected friendship, as told in their alternating voices.
265 p. 2010
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: The Maze Runner Dashner, James
The Maze Runner
Sixteen-year-old Thomas wakes up with no memory in the middle of a maze and realizes he must work with the community in which he finds himself if he is to escape.
375 p. 2009
Teen Fiction Book
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