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books on request (8 titles)
Contemporary (15 titles)
Dystopian Awesomeness (20 titles)
All the dystopian/utopian books I have read. All of these are part of a series.
fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal/adventure books (33 titles)
A bunch of awesome books that I have enjoyed
My Favorite Books! (76 titles)
Some old favorites, some new, some all-time favorites. Feel free to comment some recommendations!
My Top Ten Favorite Books/Series of 2013 (10 titles)
My favorites of all the books I read in 2013. The False Prince, The Goose Girl, Dragon Slippers, The Hunger Games, The Shadow of the Bear, and Matched are all the first book in a series.
tbr series (47 titles)
tbr singles (23 titles)
what I'm reading now (7 titles)
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