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Banned/Challenged Teen Books (29 titles)
In honor of Banned Books Week (Sept. 21-27), here are the most commonly banned or challenged Teen/Young Adult novels. Most of these books have been challenged in libraries and school districts in the past few years. They have been challenged for a variety of reasons, including being explicit, for having offensive language, and for having themes that are "unsuitable" for teens. Have you read any of these books? What do you think?
Books written by teen authors (32 titles)
Fiction and non-fiction penned by teenagers.
Can't Drive? Take a Journey With Teen Books About Road Trips (42 titles)
Everyone loves an epic road trip story. And everyone knows that the best trips don't involve airplanes or boats! Get behind the wheel and let these books take you across the country, with tales of love, sadness, humor, and discovery.
Crafty books for teens (50 titles)
Would you like to learn how to sew? Knit? Crochet? Get crafty with some of these books!
I Spy: YA Books about Spies, Thieves, and Detectives (38 titles)
Mystery! Intrigue! Espionage! How would you like to be the next James Bond before you've even finished high school? Everything from the historical to the fantastical, this list has something to appeal to every taste.
I'm famous, and here's my story... (32 titles)
YA books where the rich and famous are the stars of the book.
If you liked The Fault in Our Stars... (34 titles)
If you loved The Fault in Our Stars and want to read more books like it, check out some of these!
If You Liked The Hunger Games... Book Display list (71 titles)
Booklist for SL's "If You Liked The Hunger Games..." book display
Let the games begin! YA fiction about games and gaming. (29 titles)
Teen fiction centered around games and gaing. Everything from roleplaying games, virtual reality games, brutal dystopian games of survival, computer games, and everything in between.
Take action, change your world! (49 titles)
Books for teens who want to make a difference in their world.
Teen Poetry and Novels in Verse (41 titles)
To celebrate National Poetry Month, here is a list of great poetry and novels in verse for teens.
Teen Zombie Novels (58 titles)
Move over, vampires! Zombies are the new It undead. Check out some new teen novels featuring these spooky (and sometimes not-so-spooky) creatures.
Vampire Romance for Teens (83 titles)
Love Vampires? Need something to do until New Moon comes to the theaters? Includes popular novels and hidden gems!
YA Arthurian Fiction (25 titles)
Fiction based on the legend of King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, Sir Lancelot, and other legends from Camelot. Everything from high fantasy to modern tales.
YA books about Computers, Hackers, and Hacking. (20 titles)
Like thrillers, cybercrimes, and reading about how computers could (or are) effecting your everyday life? Take a look at these!
YA Books For Tomboys (21 titles)
Young adult novels featuring characters that love sports, love to get dirty, hate pink, and don't want to be "ordinary" girls.
YA Books on Cutting/Self-Injury (23 titles)
Stories of cutting, self-injury, and finding the courage to stop.
YA Dystopia and Post-Apocolyptic Fiction Novels (64 titles)
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